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Shanxi big data industry development promotion conference was successfully held in Taiyuan

on May 5, the 2017 series of activities of Huawei's ICT ecological trip to China, Yunhui, Sanjin and shujuyouwei - Shanxi big data industry development promotion conference was successfully held in Longcheng Taiyuan. Zhou Chenghu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Wenchi, vice president of Huawei BG China, and relevant leaders from the Shanxi Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Publicity Department of the Shanxi provincial Party committee, and the Shanxi provincial investment promotion bureau attended the conference. They talked with more than 1000 guests about the changes and achievements brought by cloud computing, big data, IOT and other technologies to Shanxi

this conference aims to build a communication platform between national big data well-known enterprises, experts and scholars, big data enterprises in Shanxi Province and big data users in various industries, and jointly discuss the development path of big data industry in Shanxi Province. At the meeting, the leaders of the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission made a detailed interpretation of the big data development plan of Shanxi Province; Academician Zhou Chenghu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences delivered a keynote speech on the interpretation of the development trend of big data; At the same time, industry experts also delivered wonderful keynote speeches in combination with the relevant applications of big data and IOT in various fields, sharing valuable experience and the latest views

Yang Wenchi, vice president of BG China, a Huawei enterprise, said at the meeting: with the continuous integration of various new technologies into people's production and life, profound changes are taking place in the mode of communication and organization of human society. In the digital era, information technology and ICT technology will change from the supporting system of enterprises to the production system and decision-making system. The information departments of governments and enterprises will also become important decision-making supporting departments and leading departments of business innovation. If informatization is an optimization of business processes by enterprises and institutions, then digital transformation is the use of ICT technology to redefine enterprise business and carry out 360 degree digital reconstruction

Yang Wenchi, vice president of Huawei BG China

when interpreting the big data development plan of Shanxi Province, relevant leaders of Shanxi Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission also said that the implementation of big data strategy is an important measure for Shanxi Province to seize the commanding height of future economic development, a main means to solve the problem of innovative development in resource-based regions, and an important way to improve government governance capacity and people's livelihood service level, It is an important support for driving and accelerating development. Through the construction of big data infrastructure and application demonstration and promotion, Shanxi Province will drive relevant technologies, industries and capital mails to conduct an in-depth analysis of the worrying current situation and future of the domestic power battery industry. Gold, talent hydraulic universal material experimental machine, toothed rod tablet pressing and toothed rod contact, etc. will gather in the province, speed up the construction of a relatively perfect big data industrial chain, and promote the transformation and development of Shanxi Province

celebrities in the circle gathered to talk about the development of big data and IOT industry

Zhou Chenghu, a researcher at the Institute of Geographical Sciences and resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, said that the digital and digital revolution has promoted the development of human civilization. We are at the beginning of the era of data dominating everything. Cameras filled in subways, supermarkets, factories and other places collect human behavior data, Every day, the traces of our behavior on the Internet will be recorded as data for analysis and restoration, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. It can be said that big data is a national basic strategic resource and a diamond mine in the 21st century

Dr. jiaxibei, researcher of the Institute of Geographical Sciences and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, expert of the national thousand talents program and vice president of Shenzhen big data Promotion Association, said that the core of big data industry and data economy is data resource and data asset. As a non renewable clean resource, data resource is cultivating data economy, We should turn the region from data transfusion to data hematopoiesis. Shanxi is a resource rich province with strong resource strength, which can lead the country in data economy and big data industry

Dr. jiaxibei, an expert of the national thousand people plan and vice president of Shenzhen big data Promotion Association

the maximum travel displacement limit in the next 10 years, the industry cloud will rise on a large scale, and enterprises will become the protagonists of cloud. Fuxingping, chief architect of IT product line industry solutions of Huawei, said that the era of cloud has arrived, and we are entering the era of cloud 2.0. Business driven makes cloud one of the core technologies of digital transformation, which has stimulated innovation and change in the industry. Among them, industry cloud is a business driven digital reconstruction, a deep integration of business and technology, and an important new driving force to promote social progress and economic development

signing and unveiling of strategic cooperation agreement to build a new ecosystem for the province's IOT and talent training

at the scene of this conference, thousands of guests also witnessed two strategic cooperation signing ceremonies -- Taiyuan University of technology and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the big data innovation talent center; At the same time, Shanxi comprehensive reform demonstration zone, Taiyuan University of technology and Beijing Big Data Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanxi big data Industrial Technology Innovation Research Institute; In addition, Shanxi IOT industrial technology alliance and Shanxi IOT Industrial Technology Center also held a unveiling ceremony

Taiyuan University of technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanxi comprehensive reform demonstration zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taiyuan University of technology

Shanxi IOT industrial technology alliance and Shanxi IOT Industrial Technology Center held the unveiling ceremony

work together with partners to show results with an open mind

the exhibition hall design of this conference is quite interesting -- fully implement Huawei's open and win-win ecological concept, Comprehensively present Huawei's positioning of soil and energy in the ecosystem. In the exhibition hall with more than 400 square meters, Huawei's own ICT infrastructure platform accounts for only a quarter of the exhibition hall area. At the same time, the exhibition hall takes the ICT infrastructure coordinated by the cloud management end as the platform, and focuses on the innovative achievements of Huawei in collaboration with mainstream partners in Shanxi Province and national partners around OpenLab, big service and talent ecosystem construction, enabling ecological partner technology, services and talent training capabilities, Including the joint solutions of Huawei and Shanxi Elite Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an future international Co., Ltd., Shanxi Youxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Donghua Software Co., Ltd., which aims to build a stage for ecological partners, provide more display opportunities, and achieve symbiosis and win-win results; In addition, Huawei also cooperated with Shanxi Province to provide a display platform for innovative solutions from 20 excellent partners in the province, from the local transformation of the control system to the regional management and control 1 integrated IOT alliance. In the whole exhibition hall, Huawei's ecological partners' independent sharing, communication and negotiation can be seen everywhere, and a prosperous ecological scene has emerged

seven sub forums were held simultaneously to talk about industry ecology

in addition to the theme forum in the morning, the conference also set up seven sub forums, namely, the first smart Education Summit Forum in Shanxi Province, the smart manufacturing sub forum, the higher education sub forum, the public security sub forum, the government affairs sub forum, the founding conference of the industrial technology alliance of the IOT in Shanxi Province and the IOT Summit Forum, It has built an exchange platform for the guests to collide with industry experts to explore new business values

Yunhui, Sanjin and Shuju are promising. Huawei will work with its ecological partners in Shanxi Province to build a prosperous ecosystem of Shanxi's big data industry and share the achievements of Shanxi's digital transformation

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