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In the era of big data with high-voltage frequency conversion, Taobao announced that the e-commerce transaction volume of that day exceeded 35billion yuan on the double 11 day of 2013. Ma Yun's requirements were also the most stringent. He said proudly that Taobao had changed the consumption habits of Chinese people. In the same month, Taobao, Tencent and ping an established Zhong'an property insurance company in Shanghai. After the challenge of traditional mobile communication is becoming a consensus, Internet finance is becoming another emerging industry that poses the most threat to the traditional financial industry. Even Yu Minhong, a newly popular Chinese partner, lamented that New Oriental would be on the verge of death if it did not change. These examples are right. What is the relationship between interconnection and our high-voltage inverter? The most direct answer to your question

how to make interconnection related to high-voltage frequency conversion is another difficult question to answer. After nearly a year of efforts, in October 2013, Lide Huafu officially released the frequency conversion steward, with the goal of connecting more than 8000 high-voltage frequency converters in operation with the company's service platform in real time. This means that Lide Huafu's service platform will receive a number of data of 8000 frequency conversion operations every 5 seconds, and the relationship between Huafu and users will change from a one-time sales relationship to a full life-cycle service cooperation relationship

in the next one to two years, the data received by Lide Huafu from the client may no longer be stored by the company's own server, but saved by cloud technology

the real-time connection will enable the service of Lide Huafu to change from passive maintenance failures in the past to proactive preventive maintenance. Lide Huafu's service team will make maintenance plans for users based on more reliable data. In 2014, with the continuous promotion of variable frequency housekeeper, the business model of Lide Huafu customer service will truly transform to actively help users find and solve problems

in addition, through the analysis of a large number of data, it can even help users further optimize their existing process flow

in October this year, Lide Huafu officially put forward the customer value concept of worry free in the whole process based on worry free quality, worry free operation and worry free service. The application of big data in high-voltage frequency conversion has opened infinite imagination space for worry free in the whole process, and has also made it more and more closely linked with customers

2013 has come to an end. In this year, all employees of Lide Huafu have further improved product quality through joint efforts. The new 400 service platform enables the company to better track customer requirements and responses. In 2014, I believe that more customers will come to know that Huafu's downstream deep processing links account for a larger proportion, and work together to make the cooperation between Lidehuafu and users deeper and farther

about Beijing Lide Huafu Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

as a leading enterprise in the high-voltage inverter industry, Lide Huafu has been focusing on providing users with integrated solutions such as automatic control and energy-saving technology transformation. The technical level and market influence of high-voltage inverter are in the leading position in the world. At present, Lide Huafu high-voltage inverter has spread over more than 20 countries on six continents in the world, and has ranked first in market share (China) for nine consecutive years

Founded in 1998, Lide Huafu is one of the first professional manufacturers in China to develop, produce and sell high-voltage frequency converters until the crushing of test pieces. Lide Huafu is a national high-tech enterprise, and has won the honorary titles of torch project, Chinese famous brand, top ten brands, etc. it is the main starting point of the national inverter standard. The protection obligation of film tensile testing machine is mainly divided into ordinary protection, and protection and level 2 protection. It is the first enterprise in the industry to pass the three in one certification, and it is also the only high-voltage inverter enterprise that has been listed on the Forbes enterprise potential list for four consecutive years. Lide Huafu is currently the leader in the application of maximum power level high-voltage inverter in China, and has continuously created many firsts in the domestic high-voltage inverter industry, making outstanding contributions to global energy conservation and emission reduction

think of customers all over the world

in 2011, Lide Huafu joined Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert in the world's top 500. With years of market service experience, it not only established a customer value-added service platform, but also established an energy-saving technology service company (EMC) that has passed the review of the national development and Reform Commission. EMC can provide users with various professional overall solutions, and save up to 30% of power consumption for enterprise customers through various energy-saving technological transformation

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