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Big data driven intelligent manufacturing IOT detonates industrial revolution business opportunities

Abstract: data shows that China's industry is showing positive signals. According to the financial data of industrial enterprises released by the National Bureau of statistics, from January to October this year, the profits of China's Industrial Enterprises above designated size increased by 8.6% year-on-year, 0.2 percentage points faster than the first three quarters. Among them, the profit in October increased by 9.8%, 2.1 percentage points faster than that in September

judging from the current development of intelligent manufacturing, it is closely related to seven major industries, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IOT, sensors, network security, edge computing, big data and so on. Industry insiders said that as the core control technology of intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence and sensors have huge room for development in the later stage. Edge computing, cloud computing, IOT, big data and other industries have interconnected the data sharing of intelligent manufacturing and established a networked environment. Finally, network security ensures the data security of industrial interconnection

in the period of economic development in which information is king, wherever the data goes, it will inevitably trigger the innovation and reform of the whole industrial chain. Whoever uses the thinking of "big data" can win the initiative, win the first opportunity and occupy the commanding height of development. Big data is the most authoritative and scientific basis for opening the future channel. Data and statistics the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there is a concentration core with low independent innovation ability and less evidence of advanced and personalized special varieties, and the value burst out may activate trillion output value

intelligent manufacturing will drive the application and development of sensors in the whole industry and all fields, thus becoming a huge driving force for new economic growth. Unlike traditional smart factories, smart factories will realize the intellectualization of the whole process of engineering technology, manufacturing, production, supply and sales; At the same time, it will also drive the rapid development of smart electricity, smart logistics, smart buildings, smart mobile devices and smart products. Based on this, Zhang Dake, vice president of R & D and chief technology officer of Honeywell Greater China, believes that advanced manufacturing and advanced logistics and transportation are the focus of investment in the next five years, and the market scale will reach 250billion US dollars

according to Lu Xi, inspector of the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the scale of China's IOT industry has reached 750billion yuan, and a number of mature IOT operation service platforms and business models have been formed in the fields of intelligent transportation, car service, medical and health care

iiot promotes the transformation of global manufacturing industry

IOT is undoubtedly the most discussed hot topic in the science and technology industry in the past two years. This term may still have a lot of imagination in the consumer application market, and there are some "illusory" business opportunities because the business model is just starting, but in the field of industrial applications, IOT has a clearer outline and more substantive connotation

marketsandmarkets, a market research institution, predicts that the market size of the so-called "industrialinternetofthings (iiot)" is expected to reach $151 billion by 2020, and the compound average annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2015 to 2020 is 8.03%; The main factors driving this market include the progress of related semiconductor and electronic technology, the development of cloud computing technology, IPv6 standardization and the policy promotion of global governments

by realizing industrial automation technology and the concept of smart factory, iiot will be the key to promoting the transformation of global manufacturing industry. Germany's "industry 4.0" - that is, the fourth industrial revolution - is one of its large-scale strategies. Other world manufacturing powers, such as the United States, China and India, also have their own strategies to use smart technology to improve manufacturing efficiency Similar measures to expand revenue scale and global influence

the hardware technology required for the deployment of industrial IOT is actually ready. The key is to combine the creep of these hardware and all plastics, and match the software suitable for different applications, so as to realize the overall solution of an efficient smart factory; As the industrial IOT also includes electrical erection, a large number of data calculation, analysis and transmission, the stability, security and reliability of relevant schemes are also indispensable. In addition, standardization and a platform that allows other industry chain participants to work together will be the basis for its sustainable development

Taiwan, which has rich experience in manufacturing, it and IC industries and a complete industrial ecosystem, can be said to have unique conditions to grasp the business opportunities of the global industrial IOT first; However, traditional manufacturers who want to transform smart factories often don't know where to start because they are not familiar with it technology; It operators who are interested in entering the field of industrial IOT to provide relevant services need to find the latest software and hardware technologies and market trends that can meet the needs of relevant applications; If IC manufacturers want to occupy a place in the industrial IOT market, they must start with the concept of platform to provide customers with complete solutions

the robot automation market is growing

with the rise of labor costs, industrial robots have also ushered in a good opportunity for homeopathic development. However, in the past, we have seen that most of the robots in the production workshop are one armed men. In the future, the development of robots will develop robots with clear division of labor according to specialization, and will be fully combined with 3D printing, industrial VR, etc., forming a new intelligent manufacturing mode of mutual cooperation and sharing

at present, China is developing industrial manufacturing 2025, and a series of actions are bound to be taken in the industrial field under the new situation. Relevant research reports show that in 2015, China's industrial robot market, with six axis multi joint robots as the largest, accounting for 46.2% of the total sales. It is expected to maintain a high growth rate of more than 30% in the next few years. Of course, this is inseparable from the transformation stage of traditional industry, which needs the power of intelligent technology to promote, resulting in huge demand space. In addition, today's consumer robots have a downward trend, and some businesses have targeted the industrial robot industry one after another. All kinds of conditions are suitable for the development of domestic and foreign partners in the event of "cold"

for the four major families of industrial robots in China at present, abb in Switzerland, KUKA in Germany, FANUC and Yaskawa electric in Japan, advanced technology must be used to fill the vacancy of automatic production line if they want to overcome the siege. Especially in the automotive and electronic industries, with the continuous improvement of automation level, the automation market of robots is also growing

the so-called industrial robot now is actually a manipulator, which is an industrial manipulator. It has no hands, let alone wisdom. In order to occupy a place in the Chinese market, we must develop dexterous double arm robots and multi arm robots

so what kind of machine talent is smart? The simplest is a two armed robot, which works like a human, but as an intelligent robot, it can imitate the multi arm and multi foot of the animal kingdom. Including the double arm robot with all stations, a robot can do the work of eight stations. Does it have the visual sense of octopus. In other words, dexterity is synonymous with intelligent engine, Just like the popular "craftsman spirit" and "private customization" "This is not output from the production line, but a robot with intelligent interruption, CPS network controller and cloud manufacturing platform, which has intelligent and flexible actions, so as to realize real personalized manufacturing.

in this case, if the rise of the assembly line pushes industrial manufacturing to programming and improves efficiency, then the robot with flexible manipulator and dexterous arm will truly realize intelligent manufacturing, which is not true." Only boost manufacturing into the "sharing economy" ", it is also a major breakthrough in the development of robots.

big data driven intelligent manufacturing

at present, intelligent manufacturing characterized by the accelerated integration of information technology and manufacturing is surging. But how should informatization and intellectualization be integrated? What is the relationship between big data and manufacturing? To this, Han Yixun, executive vice president of the Institute of data science of Tsinghua University, gave an answer at the Forum: industrial big data is" intelligent " Is an important driving force for the upgrading of Dongguan's manufacturing industry

Han Yixun explained that whether German industry 4.0 or American industrial interconnection, its core is inseparable from industry, which can obtain the big data of the relationship curve between the impact toughness of experimental materials and experimental temperature. In the United States, the application prospect of discrete manufacturing accumulation is the most promising, even ranking above government services and communication media, and the potential of process manufacturing industry also ranks before banking and health services; In Germany, unmanned factories are only part of the appearance. German factories have been able to achieve cooperative research and development between two competitors, even workshop exchange and sharing, and the circle and boundary of holding the ground as a prison have been broken, which cannot be separated from the support of big data

"big data is the source of intelligence. In the future, the operation process of manufacturing enterprises, or the whole life cycle of products, will be connected by big data." Han yiinstantaneous said. He took Qingdao red collar, a well-known construction machinery Sany Heavy Industry and private customization factory, as an example. The former has built more than 5000 dimensions, 200million pieces of big data every day, and more than 40tb of big data, which can timely monitor the operation and damage of each machine, and provide proactive services in advance. Relying solely on 200000 domestic equipment can even become an important basis for China's macroeconomic research and judgment. The latter explored private customized c2m, M2b and other modes. "I see that Dongguan enterprises have been exploring in this direction, which is worthy of praise." Han yiinstantaneous said

Chen Chen, deputy director of Beijing industrial big data innovation center, also said that for industrial enterprises, primary big data can enable enterprises to carry out basic statistical analysis, which is of great benefit to cost reduction and efficiency increase and new business models. Enterprises can not only do subtraction, rely on data benchmarking, and reduce unnecessary cost consumption in manufacturing links; You can also add, such as expanding business channels. Advanced industrial big data applications can enable enterprises to be proactive and start multiplication and division, such as predicting the production and operation of enterprises and integrating supply chains

for the audience from Dongguan enterprises, the experts attending the meeting also offered their advice. In the future, Dongguan must go out of the processing link and extend the front-end design and development and back-end services through industrial big data. Especially in the current manufacturing industry in Dongguan, its information system is not able to support the daily business operation well. The management must make a change from 2.0 to 3.0 at the level of strategic awareness, and build a framework suitable for industrial big data in terms of internal system, process, organizational structure and culture

it is reported that at present, Dongguan has launched the cultivation of industrial big data demonstration projects, started project application, review and other work, and also discovered a number of big data construction impressive enterprises such as technology research Xinyang, which initially have some functions and characteristics of smart factories. More importantly, Dongguan has also issued a series of policies and plans

Chen Qiwei, deputy investigator of the Municipal Bureau of economics and information technology, said at the meeting that in recent years, Dongguan has successively issued policy documents such as the "Dongguan plan for the development of IOT and the construction of smart Dongguan (year)", "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the development of cloud computing in Dongguan", "whether the Dongguan big data action plan (year) will inhibit the growth of dense bones", and carried out research related to big data in Dongguan and several special plans, Preliminarily point out the development and application direction of big data, which is the development of big data

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