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Big data landing customer service wisdom tooth technology was invited to the big data summit

on December 12, 2015, the theme of Zhongguancun big data day was the first level summit held in Beijing. The summit, with the theme of sharing and integration and creating a digital future, attracted nearly 1000 academicians, experts and entrepreneurs in the field of big data at home and abroad to seek common development and talk about the future around the Zhongguancun big data industry. Wisdom tooth technology applied big data technology to the customer service scenario. It was invited to attend the event and showed the real-time dialogue analysis, customer service workload statistics and other big data analysis on site, so that enterprises can have a panoramic view of the customer service scenario information

wisdom tooth customer service system under wisdom tooth technology effectively integrates natural language understanding, machine learning and big data technology. It can display the data of all customer service workload according to multiple dimensions, view accurate customer service workload information by individuals, groups and periods, and can independently select reports and export data, providing the most important information for enterprises to establish a complete customer service system. All conversations between robots and humans will be completely recorded and analyzed. Customer service can screen and query according to their own needs. Combined with customer satisfaction rating, enterprises can well monitor the service quality and make targeted improvements. In addition, wisdom tooth technology has summarized and formed a set of experience in customer service construction, which can help enterprises effectively form and verify KPI assessment system, so as to help enterprises better improve customer service performance

wisdom tooth customer service effectively integrates big data with enterprise customer service system, providing customer service groups with rich and diverse data analysis reports in the industry, screening and extracting value information from massive data, and assisting enterprises to make real-time and accurate business decisions. In addition, wisdom tooth customer service pioneered the innovative customer service mode of robot + manual, which helps enterprises with customer service, which is only applicable to the single 1 fault scenario, Block 80% of online consulting problems, and integrate multi-channel users into the unified Toho Tenax and Sakai Ovex. Toho Tenax and Sakai Ovex have developed an ultra light carbon fiber fabric platform for response and management, effectively improving customer service efficiency and user experience, and saving enterprise costs

in the era of big data, the industrial changes promoted by big data have prompted enterprises to take innovation into account while accelerating development. With the continuous development and popularization of new Internet technologies, big data has created the huge business value expressed by Li Ning, which has become the main force to promote China's economic development. As the leader of smart customer service in the mobile era, smart tooth customer service has served more than 9000 customers, including the organizers of this event, Zhongguancun big data industry alliance, LETV, Haier Well known enterprises in the industry such as Yixin, PP car rental, aixianfeng and roseonly have become partners of wisdom tooth technology, covering big data, e-commerce, big data, o2o, Internet Finance and other fields. While wisdom tooth technology is developing rapidly, it is also constantly strengthening its integration with the field of big data to promote the industrial implementation of big data and other technologies

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