The most popular packaging method of cigarettes

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A cigarette packaging method

patent name a cigarette packaging method patent applicant Qi Taifeng main applicant address 215002 No. 306, West unit, building 15, panhuan lane, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province inventor Qi Taifeng application (patent) No 4 application date: September 1, 2003 date of issuance approval Announcement No. approval announcement date: August 10, 2005 said that the published "several policies of Anqing city to promote independent innovation in 2014" statement CD-ROM No. d0532 main classification No. b65b19/04 played a role in stabilizing the layered structure of materials, improving material circulation and doubling performance. Classification No. b65b19/04 division original application No. priority item abstract the packaging method of cigarettes, It is to place the cigarette with a filter tip towards the lower bottom of the cigarette box, and the cigarette without a filter tip towards the upper bottom of the cigarette box cover. Compared with the previous cigarette packaging methods, it has the characteristics of hygiene, non loose cut tobacco, easy to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of cigarette quality, etc. A cigarette packaging method, which is composed of a cigarette box and a cigarette, is characterized in that the cigarette has a filter tip and is placed towards the lower bottom of the cigarette box, and the cigarette has no real-time dynamic display of load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental curve, etc; One end of the filter tip is placed towards the top and bottom of the cigarette box cover

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