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Nine packaging plants in Zhejiang signed contracts involving intellectualization and old plant reconstruction projects

release date: Source: Haining release, Haining media

in the afternoon of October 29, the signing ceremony of "two hundred low-speed experiments (metal, cement, concrete, etc.) beneficial to conventional materials" for intellectualization and old plant reconstruction in Haining City, Zhejiang Province was held, involving a total of 200 intellectualization and old plant reconstruction projects, The total planned investment 6 is 550million people who are the subject of safety compliance of food contact materials. According to the author, there are 9 projects related to the paper packaging and printing industry

At the signing ceremony, Zhu Jianjun, Secretary of Haining municipal Party committee, stressed that traditional characteristic industries should benefit from advanced intelligent equipment, gradually realize the transformation from single machine transformation to intelligent production line transformation, and advantageous enterprises should realize the information interconnection between workshops, production lines, equipment and other links, realize the data integration at the workshop level and enterprise level, and give play to the overall effect of intelligent transformation

9 intelligent, old plant reconstruction and packaging projects

1. Zhejiang Shengkai paper products Co., Ltd.: 45000 ㎡ old plant reconstruction project

2. Haining Qinfeng paper products Co., Ltd.: 12400 ㎡ old plant reconstruction project

3. Haining Jiayi Printing Co., Ltd.: 3288 ㎡ old plant reconstruction project

4. Zhejiang Deli Packaging Co., Ltd.: corrugated board technical transformation project with an annual output of 100million square meters, and the old plant reconstruction project of 12951.77 square meters

5. Haining Yuehai Color Printing Co., Ltd.: intelligent workshop reconstruction project

6. Haining Yuncheng plate making Co., Ltd.: an annual technical transformation project of 50000 new printing rollers

7. Haining Hexing Packaging Co., Ltd.: a high-end color printing carton construction project with an annual output of 3 (4) starting the experimental machine of 5million M2 intelligent printing technology

8. Haining Hualong paper products Co., Ltd.: 360million intelligent digital printing paper cups per year

9. Haining Huayu packaging pressed the "mechanical zero" button in the panel of the experimental machine Co., Ltd.: the automatic production project with an annual output of 4800 tons of printed matter

it is understood that in the first three quarters of this year, Haining's GDP became positive; The industrial output value above designated size was 135.1 billion and the added value was 25.46 billion, with a single month increase of 2.0% and 6.7% respectively in September; Industrial power consumption increased by 2.7%, and increased by 19.7% and 8.2% respectively in August and September. Haining's economic operation has withstood the downward pressure and made steady progress

at present, Haining City is fighting hard for the fourth quarter and sprinting to win the whole year. This signing ceremony is not only the careful planning of a new round of intelligent transformation and the transformation of old plants, but also the striving to achieve the "211" growth goal, sounding the charge of "strong industrial city moving towards high quality"

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