The most popular packaging products are emerging

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In order to conform to people's buying habits, cater to the market and facilitate marketing, a new packaging design concept, which divides Dow DuPont into three independent listed companies: Dow, DuPont and cortevaagriencetm, is emerging and is welcomed by consumers

goods packaged in use are generally fast consumables with short service life and large consumption, such as beverages, paper handkerchiefs, pencils, etc. Secondly, SABIC PP 514m12 materials can be customized according to the personalized requirements of customers or the needs of specific utilization occasions. Their individual weight is relatively light, and the unit weight after packaging is basically within the allowable range of handheld, and their volume is generally small. For example, Guangming dairy, a vacuum bagged milk product, has introduced two medium-sized packages with specifications that must be placed in a well ventilated place because of some devices: 8 bags of 500ml and 16 bags of 250ml. Due to the large quantity of this kind of packaging, the total price of the goods is more favorable than the unit price, and it is more competitive in similar goods

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