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These materials cannot be packaged with

straw for export goods: straw packaging is strictly prohibited in the United States; Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines also proposed the development of China's waste foam granulator, and countries such as Vietnam and Cyprus also have corresponding regulations

cotton: Egypt and other cotton producing countries prohibit cotton packaging from entering their territory

bamboo chips and wood: Japan refuses bamboo chip packaging to enter the country; The United States, Canada and Australia require that wooden packaging must be fumigated and antiseptic before entering the country, otherwise it should be destroyed as required

cartons: Germany requires that the surface of cartons cannot be waxed, oiled, or coated with plastic. The printing on cartons must be water-soluble pigments, and oil-soluble inks are not allowed

gunny bags and second-hand bags: Australia and New Zealand prohibit the entry of second-hand bags. The Philippines requires gunny bags. Europe will force the use of USB type-C connectors. Before entering the country, the machine must be widely used for the inspection and analysis of metal materials in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other industries after fumigation

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