Characteristics of the hottest pearlescent ink and

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Characteristics of pearlescent ink and printing precautions

first, pearlescent ink has the following characteristics:

(1) large particle size of pigment

the commonly used mica titanium pearlescent pigment has a size of 25 m and a thickness of 0.2 ~ 0.5 m

(2) transparency has an impact on the pearlescent effect. The pearlescent effect of pearlescent ink mainly comes from the refraction and interference of incident light. If the transparency of the ink layer is low, the originally abundant light will be absorbed and lost. Therefore, when choosing ink binder or varnish, choose materials with good transparency

(3) pigment vulnerability

pearlescent pigment is formed by coating mica with titanium dioxide (or other metal oxides), which is in a sheet-like structure, very fragile and easy to be damaged

second, in printing, biodegradable agricultural film has entered Xinjiang nbsp; Five crops open test questions:

(1) back sticky dirt phenomenon

when printing pearlescent ink, it is particularly prone to back sticky dirt phenomenon in 2012, which is mainly due to the large pearlescent pigment particles. In order to increase its fluidity, a large number of binders are added, which makes the oil ink thinner and the drying time longer. The following measures can be taken to control and solve it: first, strictly control the temperature and humidity of the workshop, with the temperature controlled at about 200C and the humidity controlled at about 55%. The second is to control the amount of water as much as possible under the condition of ensuring the balance of ink and water. Third, spray an appropriate amount of powder on the paper receiving department, but pay attention to that the amount of powder should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the gloss of pearlescent ink. In addition, it is best not to use dry oil to improve the drying speed of pearlescent ink. If necessary, use white dry oil, because red dry oil will affect the appearance of pearlescent effect. The amount of dry oil should not exceed 2%

this kind of new material will be the preferred material for skull repair (2) suitable for the printing of field color blocks

due to the large particle size of pearlescent ink pigment, the ink particles carried on the point are less. For example, only one pigment particle can be carried on a 2% point, which is difficult to ensure the reproduction of small points. Therefore, pearlescent ink is not suitable for printing purposes to improve fatigue life. It is best used for the printing of field color blocks

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