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Recently, the European and American markets will otherwise affect the use of equipment. Resilience LS PVC material has good flame retardancy, high transparency, high reflectance and uniform metal color effect life. A new plmex food packaging paper is launched. It is 100% pure pulp, does not contain fluorescent agents and chemicals harmful to human body, and has waterproof, oil-proof, anti stick Heat resistance (high temperature of 200 ℃ ~250 ℃). It is easy to use, easy to clean, safe and hygienic, and meets the food hygiene standards of FDA and BGA in Germany. This kind of special paper for food can be recycled after being washed with clean water and can be reused for 50 times. This kind of food paper can be rolled or pressed into various paper cup shapes. Whether it is used for steaming, baking or microwave heating, it will not deform and fade

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