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The development prospect of packaging paper market in China is promising.

packaging paper is a large category of paper products, including paper and paperboard used in packaging industry and packaging and printing. According to the statistics of China Paper Association in August 2003, in 2002, the consumption of packaging paper in China accounted for 56% of the total annual paper production, ranking first. However, because the base number of this percentage is relatively small, at present, China still needs to import a certain number of packaging paper with conditioning screw volume on the upper beam of the experimental machine to fill the gap in the domestic market

the production and consumption of carton board increased steadily. Carton board is mainly used as packaging materials. At present, China has initially formed three major production bases and consumption areas in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and North China. Due to the large number of new carton board projects in 2003 and 2004, it is expected that the production capacity may be increased by 2.12 million tons in 2004

in 2003, the total amount of imported products was less than 1million tons, indicating that a large number of medium-grade and some high-grade cardboard products have been self-sufficient in China, and only some high-grade Kraft linerboard products still rely on imports

from the perspective of the main raw materials used in the production of carton board, the rise in the price of waste paper has led to an increase in the production cost of carton board. At present, with the steady growth of domestic carton board production and consumption, the price level of carton board may remain relatively stable

corrugated base paper is developing in the direction of low quantity, high strength and full specification. In 2003, China's market demand for imported corrugated base paper continued to maintain the first position among the varieties of imported paper and paperboard in the future, at about 1.3 million tons

in the face of better market demand, domestic enterprises have few plans to invest in corrugated base paper in the next two to three years. At the end of 2003, Shanying paper multi-layer corrugated box technical transformation project was put into operation. In 2004, Jiangsu Liwen paper industry 250000 tons of corrugated paper was put into operation at the 1st "first cup" future technological innovation competition held recently in Shenzhen, which aims to improve China's independent innovation ability and increase the transformation of advanced scientific and technological achievements. This cannot meet the domestic market demand for corrugated base paper. There may be two reasons. First, the value of corrugated base paper is low and there is little profit space; Second, restricted by raw materials, many domestic corrugated paper production enterprises use traditional equipment to produce high-volume corrugated base paper and high-strength corrugated base paper with non wood fibers as raw materials, which can not meet the requirements of the modern packaging industry in terms of product quality, specifications and varieties. From the perspective of market demand, in the future, high-strength corrugated base paper should develop towards low quantity, high strength and full specification

in the context of the current rise in the price of raw materials, the enthusiasm of enterprises to invest in the construction of corrugated base paper projects is not high, and the phenomenon of relying heavily on imports will continue for several years. Of course, once the price of corrugated base paper rises, the investment in corrugated base paper may increase

the balance of supply and demand in the white paperboard Market has decreased, and the production and consumption of white paperboard and white paperboard in China have maintained a relatively rapid growth

since 1990, the proportion of white paperboard and white cardboard consumption in paper and paperboard consumption in China has gradually increased, from 4.09% to 12.37%. With the continuous rise of market demand, Chinese enterprises have invested in the construction of white cardboard and white cardboard projects at a faster speed. In 2003 alone, the actual single arm electronic universal testing machine is mainly suitable for relevant experiments on materials below 5000n, increasing the production capacity of nearly 1.2 million tons. In 2004, China plans to increase its production capacity by 1.25 million tons. In 2005, China plans to increase its production capacity by 1.1 million tons. This leads to the rapid expansion of production capacity. Although the import volume of white paperboard and white paperboard rebounded in 2003, reaching the level of about 1million tons, the rapidly expanding domestic production capacity will put pressure on the white paperboard and white paperboard Market. It is expected that by 2005, the supply and demand of China's white board and white cardboard market will be basically balanced, and the import volume will be greatly reduced

the market prospect of special packaging paper is considerable. In addition to the traditional packaging paper, a series of special packaging paper have recently appeared in the international market, such as high-strength elastic packaging bag paper, far-infrared packaging corrugated paper, film covered packaging paper (commonly known as "artificial peel"), etc

at present, the market prospect of the popular flame retardant packaging paper is very considerable. The so-called flame retardancy means that it does not burn in the flame, which hinders the expansion of the flame. The processed flame-retardant paper will not be ignited when encountering a small fire, and it may also self extinguish

flame retardant packaging paper has been widely used in the packaging of military and disaster relief materials. It can ensure that the items in the box will not be threatened by fire. In addition, it can also be used for car wallpaper, furniture veneer paper, and the production of silk flowers, jacquard, decorative panels, partitions, etc. Many countries also stipulate that wallpapers and plywood used in houses should be flame retardant. Flame retardant paper is also promising in other fields

the new waterproof packaging paper (acid free waterproof archival paper) independently developed by Hunan Changde cigarette factory jinfurong Special Paper Co., Ltd. has successfully filled the domestic gap. The company has invested a total of 3l50000 yuan to develop new waterproof packaging paper since 1996. According to relevant experts, the new waterproof packaging paper and paperboard have a wide range of applications

a Japanese food company also developed a protein coated packaging paper. It is made of wrapping paper by dissolving protein. Protein is used as a coating on paper, and the packaging paper film is made by special process. It can withstand a certain temperature, prevent erosion, non-toxic, convenient for food processing, and does not pollute the environment

heat sealing packaging paper has the characteristics of heat sealing, ventilation, good oil and water resistance, safety and harmlessness

in order to make the packaging paper have heat sealing property, the surface of the heat sealing resin paper should be coated or bonded with polyethylene to make it have heat sealing property without secondary processing to obtain aeration. Its ventilation can be controlled according to user requirements. The food packaged with this breathable wrapping paper can be heated by electronic waves, and there is no steam in the package. This can keep the food surface fresh. It can be used as a packaging material for frozen food that needs electron wave heating. At present, it is used to pack hamburgers

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