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New plastic that can adapt to changes in environmental humidity

American researchers have been inspired by the defense mechanism of sea cucumbers to develop a new plastic that can be used in the medical field. When sea cucumbers encounter threats, their skin can change its hardness in a very short time to form a kind of armor to protect themselves. Researchers at the Western Reserve University of Cleveland in the United States were inspired by this. This set of self elevating working platform turnover formwork is to divide the platform and formwork into two independent systems, and developed a new type of plastic. This kind of artificial material is based on the skin of sea cucumbers, which will become gelatinous after wetting, and then it can quickly return to its rigid original state

new plastics are synthesized from two substances: colloidal polymers and tiny cellulose fibers that harden the substance. At the junction of the two, a hydrogen bond will be formed, making the whole substance in a rigid state. Wade, a researcher, said that these nanofibers stick together at each junction. After adding water, the energy and environment development strategy is formulated. Water can be used as an oxygen debonding agent to separate these fibers

the research team plans to apply new plastics in medicine, such as making flexible brain electrodes for Parkinson's, stroke or spinal cord injury. The rigid state of this kind of material can make the implantation process easier, and then the material will become flexible in the brain environment with sufficient water, which is more similar to the surrounding tissues

Wade said in the interview: 'if you look at the brain tissue, it is much softer than the typical electrode you will implant.' Wade said that the experimental results show that if the electrode is still stiff after implantation in the human body, after a period of time, the surrounding tissue will degrade, and the new material is designed to overcome this problem. At present, the research team takes animals as experimental objects to test the reaction of new substances in brain tissue

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