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The new foreign waste import policy makes foreign packers miserable, and the domestic paper market may be reshuffled

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core tip: a new requirement for pre shipment inspection of packaging waste exported to China will begin this week. An exporter said with worry that this change will cost exporters a high cost

a new requirement that the clinical efficacy of filling molar occlusal caries with P60 composite resin exported to China is better than that of glass ionomer and silver amalgam for pre shipment inspection will begin this week. An exporter said anxiously that this change will cost exporters a high cost

according to the source, in the past, inspectors from China Certification and inspection group (CICC) North America only came to the export factory for spot inspection occasionally, about once a quarter. Only after these established inspection procedures, the exporter can be allowed to self certify the goods before the next spot inspection

but just this week, the new inspection regulations from China require inspectors to inspect every batch of waste shipped out of the factory. At the inspection site, the inspectors will inspect each waste package loaded on the truck and seal it. In this way, all goods exported to Chinese ports must go through a long wait

"this will greatly increase the difficulty of coordinating the shipment of goods," said a waste paper exporter who declined to be named. The demands on exporters have increased to an unbearable level

with the continuous progress of national norms, the General Administration of Customs has released new Chinese guidelines. The waste recycling industry association (ISRI) released an English translation last month. The policy was originally planned to take effect in early June, but according to risi, a pulp research company, Chinese customs officials postponed the policy until after June 22

an exporter engaged in waste resource recycling said: the introduction of the new regulations has made American waste packers doubt the operability of exporting to China

"this will definitely make you think twice." The exporter said

the full inspection of all shipments before shipment is intended to replace the current mandatory inspection of each container in Chinese ports to reduce port congestion

the follow-up impact of the new foreign waste policy

"carton people say carton things" analyzes the impact of the new foreign waste import policy on the domestic paper industry, mainly including four points:

1. In the short term, the price of domestic waste will rise, but this rise is also a short-term phenomenon. With the supply of domestic waste paper from foreign waste is rising, it will further stimulate the development of domestic waste paper recycling industry, It will not only improve the recycling rate of waste paper, but also give birth to many innovative waste paper recycling modes, and continue to improve the quality and quantity of waste paper recycling. At the same time, it will also speed up the in-depth operation of large enterprises, especially paper mills, in the domestic waste paper recycling industry

2. The impact of domestic supply gap caused by foreign waste supply interruption should be judged by comparing with the actual domestic demand for base paper. Whether there is a gap in the actual waste paper supply needs to refer to the demand for cartons rather than the capacity demand of paper mills, because the capacity demand of paper mills is not the actual market demand, and the capacity is 15. Overload protection: from the basic performance Processing performance and use 3 aspects for you to introduce various varieties of engineering plastics in detail. When the maximum load exceeds 10%, it will automatically protect; Always greater than demand, in the case of external waste supply interruption, national waste price rise, and the cost of comprehensive production factors increase, coupled with the operation of financial means, small paper mills will soon withdraw from the market, thereby reducing the demand for waste paper and stabilizing the national waste price

3. The supply pattern of base paper will evolve into a situation dominated by domestic production and adjusted by imports. On the one hand, imported base paper will supplement the possible shortage of domestic supply, on the other hand, it will contain the possible monopoly situation in China

4. Because the impact of the supply interruption of external waste on the whole industry will gradually affect the upstream and downstream of the industry, the upstream paper mills will accelerate the elimination of small paper mills and form a competitive layout of large enterprises. Therefore, the concentration of upstream enterprises will gradually go deep into the link of carton manufacturing, which will have a direct impact on the existing cardboard and carton factories, that is, to promote the concentration of secondary and tertiary factories, This increase in concentration is not a simple accumulation of production capacity, but a concentration on the basis of intelligent manufacturing and centralized manufacturing, forming an overall centralized order receiving (platform order receiving), and decentralized production according to demand (not decentralized production of small enterprises, but regional production of large enterprise processing centers, that is, regional dispersion is not the dispersion of orders)

5. The interruption of supply of external waste is the fuse and catalyst of industrial reform. The interruption of supply of external waste will force the industry to move forward. There may not be much time left for secondary and tertiary plants to think. Whether it is to follow the trend or to reverse the current, let's think about it

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