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Xinmin: strengthening the packaging and printing industry cluster and sprinting into the top 100 counties in China. The past five years have been the fastest five years of economic development in Xinmin City, Liaoning Province. In 2010, the city's GDP reached 26.32 billion yuan (37571 yuan per capita), 4.4 times that of 2005, with an average annual growth of 31.4%; The general budget revenue reached 1.185 billion yuan, 8.15 times that of 2005, with an average annual growth of 52.1%; The fixed asset investment of the whole society reached 25.12 billion yuan, 6.4 times that of 2005, with an average annual growth of 45%; The total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 6.52 billion yuan, 2.27 times that of 2005, with an average annual growth of 17.8%; The per capita net income of farmers reached 9495 yuan, 2.12 times that of 2005, with an average annual increase of 16.2%. The comprehensive strength has jumped from 454 in 2005 to 168 in 2009 in 2001 counties (cities) nationwide, and has remained in the top 10 of 44 counties (cities) in the province in the past three years

the achievements will certainly inspire Xinmin people to be more ambitious in the future, and will provide a continuous source and impetus for improving Xinmin people's happiness index

sprint forward to the top 100 counties in China

pursuing people's happiness is the ultimate goal of economic and social development. In order to achieve this goal, Xinmin people stride confidently towards the goal of the top 100 counties in China

at the beginning of this year, Gao Hang, Secretary of Xinmin municipal Party committee, proposed that in 2011, Xinmin City will focus on changing the mode of economic development, expanding opening-up and scientific and technological innovation, highlighting the four key tasks of promoting project adjustment, environment improvement, people's livelihood and harmony, and Party building and development, so as to gather the joint efforts of the whole city and sprint to the top 100 counties in China

Xinmin has made this special device safe, efficient and low-noise (there is basically no noise at low speed). After taking action, he wrote a military order for himself. The answer is what is completed except completion

for this reason, Xinmin's rulers adjusted their work ideas and accelerated their work from four aspects

grasp projects, promote adjustment, and achieve better and faster economic development. Accelerate the strengthening of the two 10 billion yuan industrial clusters of packaging and printing and medicine and food, cultivate and expand the advantageous industrial clusters of electric light source, machining, chemical industry and flooring, and vigorously support the development of existing enterprises and emerging industries. Pay attention to the environment, promote the improvement, and promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. Put the optimization of the environment in an important strategic position, earnestly implement the overall development plan of the county, build new urban areas with high standards and high levels, and reasonably transform the old urban areas. Focus on people's livelihood, promote harmony, and constantly increase the people. Wang Ke, director of institute 2 of Research Institute of Fuzhong aluminum Shandong Co., Ltd.: Zhi. Grasp party building and promote development, and strive to improve the level of scientific governance

draw a big blueprint with confidence

at the 12th plenary session of the third Xinmin municipal Party committee, the "proposal on formulating the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development" of the Xinmin municipal Party committee of the Communist Party of China was reviewed and approved

Gao Hang, Secretary of Xinmin municipal Party committee, put forward at the meeting: during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Xinmin City will seize the opportunity through rolling equipment, take scientific development as the main line, expand opening-up and scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, further promote, optimize the development space, establish a modern industrial system, accelerate the urbanization process, strengthen ecological construction and comprehensively improve people's livelihood and welfare, and other key tasks, so as to achieve better and faster economic and social development of Xinmin, We will strive to build a well-off society at a higher level with rich people, strong cities, civilization, openness, green ecology, and Urban-rural Harmony

according to this goal, Xinmin will strive to build Shenxi into a strong county in the regional center, one of the top 100 counties in China and an advanced county in scientific development in the future medicine Valley, Shouguang in Liaoning, zhidu in Northeast China, the hometown of hot springs and an ecologically livable city

in order to successfully achieve the development goal during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Xinmin development will adhere to five principles in the next five years: adhere to the combination of industrial upgrading and structural optimization; Adhere to the promotion of all-round development and key breakthroughs; Adhere to the coordination between benefit growth and sustainable development; Adhere to the overall planning of economic development and improving people's livelihood; Adhere to the unity of enriching the people and strengthening the city

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