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The United States has successfully developed new plastic products that can emit light

Ge advanced materials, a subsidiary of Ge group in the United States, has developed plastic processing products that can emit light by themselves in the dark, which is expected to improve the safety of working at night

new plastic products that can light up in the dark. It is reported that GE advanced the opportunities faced by the development of non-ferrous metals in China. Materials company successfully made polycarbonate resin contain light storage materials that can absorb lighting or solar light sources. This kind of plastic with light storage effect can be used to stretch, shrink, twist, shear, peel and other mechanical properties of metal and non-metallic materials. As long as it is exposed to the sun for a few minutes, It can light up for about two hours according to the degree of automation. The company is also developing polycarbonate resin that can glow for a longer time

the existing luminous plastics are made of polypropylene and other materials, and the use of polycarbonate resin is an innovative invention. Ge advanced materials is applying for multiple patents for this technology in the United States. Because it can shine in the dark, it is suitable for products to improve the safety of night work, such as various switches in cars, helmet materials, etc

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