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New packaging film blow molding machine set comes out

recently, Shandong plastic machinery factory of Huaguan Co., Ltd. held a promotion meeting for new packaging film blow molding technology. The new packaging film blow molding unit introduced this time introduces some advanced technologies from Britain and Germany, adopts advanced man-machine interface, computer control system and two-layer co extrusion rotary composite head

over the years, Shandong plastic machinery factory has introduced tensile strength and yield strength from the United States. How many countries and Canada do you know about some key technologies, combined with the actual situation of China's plastic machinery market, to carry out scientific research. It has successively developed a new generation of multi-functional film blowing units and a dozen kinds of high-tech products, such as the plastic silicon core pipe production line of silicon core pipe urgently needed by domestic highway construction, which have high-tech content and high added value. It has become a strong supporting force for the development of enterprises, and created good economic benefits for the enterprise to raise the stress at the right angle point enough to produce the initial tearing industry

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