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Wuxi Huifeng electronic material factory has strong technical strength and now has become an extremely important strategic resource, good production and testing equipment, and pays attention to scientific and technological innovation. At present, it has 4 Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH resin): when the range of a single set of equipment reaches 10000 tons, enter the main page of the experimental procedure according to the prompts/annual Jackie Chan bond brand polypropylene (PP) plastic special paint series; Acrylic weatherproof automobile and motorcycle flash and pearlescent paint series; There are hundreds of varieties of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic special paint and coated mirror quick drying protective paint for our customers to choose. Among them, Longbang x88 polypropylene plastic special paint (self drying type) solves the worldwide coating problem of high crystallinity and non-polar polypropylene plastic surface direct coating (the traditional coating process must undergo complex and expensive surface pretreatment) and fills the domestic blank. Longbang x multicolor polypropylene plastic special paint (sub packaging) is another major breakthrough after x88, which can be used for the coating of PP plastic surface, It can also be applied to the coating of ABS plastic surface. This product and its technology are the first in China and reach the advanced level of similar products and technologies in the world. Longbang brand polypropylene (PP) series plastic special paint has been Ariston Hisense and other well-known domestic brands have obtained the recognition of many customers in Europe, America and Asia, and achieved gratifying economic and social benefits. Cause impact

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