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New polymer roof waterproof coating

new polymer roof waterproof coating

February 12, 2004

[applicant] Zhai Guangyu

[Abstract] the invention is prepared with acrylic lotion and silicone lotion as the main film-forming substances, water as the solvent, and other additives. Due to the use of several polymer lotion, g range situation: the limitations of a single polymer lotion are taken in full range regardless of the grade. They can make up for each other's shortcomings and complement each other. It takes water as the solvent, non-toxic, tasteless and free of environmental pollution; Due to the use of silicone lotion, the film has a very good hydrophobicity after drying, and the water droplets on its surface are like the water droplets on the lotus leaf; It has unique waterproof d/a-digital quantity conversion performance, UV radiation resistance and aging resistance; It avoids the shortcomings of a simple polymer lotion waterproof coating, which can timely meet the quality needs of customers, such as poor water effect, poor aging resistance and so on; It can be made into various colors according to needs, which overcomes the disadvantage of single color of other waterproof coatings; It has high bonding strength, good waterproof and impermeable effect, heat and frost resistance, and good extensibility; It is cold construction, direct painting, and easy to operate. It is applicable to the waterproof, seepage proof and moisture-proof of all kinds of buildings, such as new and old roofs, basements and sanitary rooms, if you have oil funnels, sanitary rooms and so on

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