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2006: the bingxu new deal of China's equipment manufacturing industry

"in 2006, two themes were clearly reflected in China's economic construction: the scientific concept of development and independent innovation," Li Ye said. "The biggest difference between the 11th Five Year Plan adopted by the two sessions this year and the previous plans is the guiding ideology of development. For the first time, this plan proposes to use the scientific concept of development to guide our development, and as a long-term guiding ideology, which will have an inestimable impact on China's future development. In addition, this year, the party and the government put special emphasis on independent innovation, and raised independent innovation to the height of national strategy, which is of great significance. Now all walks of life are studying how to implement the scientific concept of development and how to achieve independent innovation. "

Equipment manufacturing industry is a basic and strategic industry that provides technical equipment for economic and social development. Revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry is an inevitable requirement to enhance comprehensive national strength and improve international competitiveness. Both national economic development and national defense construction need basic support from the equipment manufacturing industry. After more than 50 years of development, China's equipment manufacturing industry has made a series of major achievements, and has formed a complete range of equipment manufacturing industry system with considerable scale and level. It has become an important pillar industry of economic development, and the scale of manufacturing industry has leapt to the fifth place in the world. However, China's equipment manufacturing industry as a whole is large but not strong, its quality is not high, its independent innovation ability is weak, and its international competitiveness is not strong. Compared with developed countries, there is still a large gap

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of equipment manufacturing industry. The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the strategic task of vigorously revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry. The suggestions of the Central Committee on the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and the outline of the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" put forward clear requirements for accelerating the development of the equipment manufacturing industry

since 2006, the State Council has successively issued the outline of the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan (Document No. 6 of the State Council) and several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry (Document No. 8 of the State Council). From this point of view, the country has thought that during the assembly process of the machine, the oil may be mixed with a certain amount of water and other impurities, and the system has been polluted. At the national level, measures to encourage the development of the equipment manufacturing industry have been put forward. The opinions on revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry clarifies the objectives, principles, tasks and policies of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, and is an important document to guide the accelerated development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. It marks that the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, which has a macro policy background and represents the will of the country, has entered a new stage

Li Ye: in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", there is a special chapter for the development of equipment manufacturing industry, which is very clear. In the medium and long-term scientific and technological planning, the status of the equipment manufacturing industry is also very prominent, and the independent innovation of the equipment manufacturing industry is the basis of the technological innovation of the whole industry. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have successively issued a series of documents to strengthen this work. First, they jointly issued opinions on accelerating independent innovation, and then the State Council issued document No. 6. Then, the State Council issued No. 8 document. The issuance of these two documents reflects the will of the government

On June 19, 2006, the State Council held a working conference on revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry in Xi'an, which summarized and commended the work experience and achievements made in major technical equipment in the previous stage, especially during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, and made arrangements for the next step. At the meeting, Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan stressed several times that revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry is a major strategic measure to develop the national economy. The state attaches great importance to the equipment manufacturing industry

at present, the development of equipment industry is relatively fast, but there is still a big gap from the demand of the national economy. At present, the market satisfaction of domestic equipment is less than 70%, and more than 30% of all kinds of equipment used in China's economic construction are imported from abroad. Among them, the domestic market satisfaction of domestic equipment for major technical equipment is less than 50%, and a large number of them rely on imports. Although we are a large industrial country, our foundation is still relatively weak. Although the total economic output of our entire equipment manufacturing industry ranks fifth in the world, the key and nuclear new Pro Series has further improved the original wood plastic materials due to its excellent manufacturing technology, and the heart technology is still controlled by others, and a large number of long-term dependence on imports. And it turns out that key equipment can't be bought and can't afford it. At the working conference on revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, some leading comrades said that without the independent innovation of our power equipment, China's power industry would not be today. In 2005, China's annual installed capacity exceeded 70million kW, relying on domestic equipment. If there is no domestic independent innovation equipment system to support the progress of material science, we can't afford to buy 70million kW power generation equipment a year

policies should be promoted in an all-round way

in order to promote the development of equipment industry, the national development and Reform Commission has identified 16 major areas and actively carried out work around the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" as well as the No. 6 and No. 8 documents of the State Council. "In every field, we should formulate implementation rules and plans to support localization, have a group of independent innovation enterprises, and refine and promote each policy," Li Ye said. "In this series of policies, several are more prominent."

implement government procurement to promote independent innovation

Document No. 6 of the State Council clearly stipulates that "implement government procurement to promote independent innovation". Formulate detailed rules for the implementation of the government procurement law of the people's Republic of China to encourage and protect independent innovation. Establish a coordination mechanism for government procurement of independent innovative products. Provide policy support for enterprises to purchase domestic high-tech equipment. Support the formation of technical standards through government procurement

Li Ye: why is the import volume of our major technical equipment so large? On the one hand, our manufacturing enterprises can't meet the requirements of users in terms of technology, quality, service, etc. on the other hand, it is really because of the government's investment behavior, so everyone doesn't cherish it. According to our continuous statistics, the import performance of our machinery and equipment every year is: the more the state invests in and monopolizes the industry, the larger the import volume and the higher the import proportion. Take the military industry for example. In recent years, the transformation of our military industry has taken a relatively large proportion, with more than 80% of it completely invested by the state. We found that the military industry imported a large number of high-end machine tools and numerical control machine tools, and even just released samples at this year's Hannover Expo. Our enterprise took this sample for design in the technological transformation. Because there is no such product in China, it can only be imported. On the one hand, we spend a lot of foreign exchange, on the other hand, it is not safe, especially special equipment. After buying these equipment, foreign countries will know what China is doing. The purchase of core equipment endangers national defense and industrial security. We must provide equipment by ourselves and have core technology through independent innovation

a country with a complete market economy like the United States also stipulates the proportion of a project that must buy American goods, and there is a strict definition of American goods, which does not mean that what is produced in the United States is American goods. Our leaders and experts in the equipment manufacturing industry have repeatedly called for whether the procurement of national investment projects can be included in the scope of government procurement, and we should also encourage the purchase of Chinese goods. Now, the procurement of major technical equipment for national key construction projects has been included in government procurement, which is a clear national requirement, which is very important

the system of purchasing the first set of domestic equipment

as an important part of strengthening policy support, the State Council document No. 8 proposed to "encourage the ordering and use of the first set of domestic major technical equipment". The No. 6 document of the State Council also stipulates that "the government implements the first purchase policy for important high-tech equipment and products developed by domestic enterprises with independent intellectual property rights."

Li Ye: the state places special emphasis on the system of purchasing the first set of domestic equipment, which has a very prominent position. At present, the national development and Reform Commission is studying and formulating a provision to support the localization of equipment, which will mainly follow two principles: first, give priority to the purchase of domestic equipment under the same conditions, and support the purchase of the first (set) of domestic equipment and independent innovative products; second, strictly control the import of equipment. If it is really necessary to import, it should be conducive to the independent innovation or digestion, absorption and re innovation of relevant domestic manufacturing enterprises. The state will introduce specific measures to solve the key problem of equipment localization - the first set of domestic equipment. In the regulations, we will also establish channels for information communication between the supplier and the demander. For example, we will publicize the information that the country needs equipment, and regularly or irregularly publish the domestic equipment demand guide and the domestic equipment supply guide

Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan also pointed out at the Xi'an meeting that users of equipment products should take revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry as their own responsibility, support manufacturing enterprises to organize production and independent innovation, and provide enterprises with market opportunities for fair competition. We should strengthen publicity and promotion, so that users can better understand and use domestic equipment

catalogue of technology and equipment prohibited from repeated introduction

Document No. 6 of the State Council clearly stipulates that it is necessary to "formulate policies to encourage independent innovation and limit blind repeated introduction". At the same time, the No. 8 document of the State Council stipulates to "strengthen the management of equipment import". To this end, the national development and Reform Commission is studying the issue of formulating a technology catalogue that restricts and prohibits the introduction of major technical equipment and major products

Li Ye: we can't make some equipment now, and it's necessary to import some appropriately, which is also a kind of promotion for domestic technology. However, some equipment can be produced domestically, and some user units still need to import, and the import volume is still relatively large, so it faces the situation of repeated import. The state clearly stipulates that the catalogue of technologies and equipment that are prohibited from repeated introduction should be published regularly, and should be implemented as an administrative regulation and an industrial policy. In this regard, we are not the initiator. For example, South Korea has a first cut-off method, which is to buy one set of imported equipment and develop the next one by digestion and absorption. However, we have repeated imports over and over again, so this policy will play a great role in solving the problem of repeated imports

stable equipment technology policy

Document No. 8 of the State Council clearly emphasizes the need to "formulate equipment technology policies in key areas". According to the needs of the medium and long-term development of key areas of the national economy, formulate scientific, reasonable, advanced, applicable and relatively stable equipment technology policies, and lay the foundation for the equipment manufacturing industry to formulate medium and long-term technology introduction and independent innovation development plans. The equipment technology policy is prepared by the use and manufacturing departments and research and design experts organized by the national development and Reform Commission. After consultation and demonstration and examination and approval according to the procedures, it can be used as the basis for the national examination and approval of key construction projects

Li Ye: in the No. 8 document of the State Council, it is clear that for the areas of national key construction, it is important to formulate a long-term stable, advanced and suitable technical equipment policy for national conditions. This technical equipment policy is at the national level, which is approved by the state. It is a national technical equipment policy. Otherwise, it is a separate policy. We are now very worried that with the system reform of what we thought was a monopoly industry in the past, everyone began to separate. For example, the power industry, so these technical standards and technical policies can not be unified. Now that the city is market-oriented, users have to do whatever they want. A few years ago

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