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The characteristics of new packaging machines have significantly become the key to the development of the industry

Guide: at present, China is facing the tasks of developing deep processing of agricultural products, building an energy-saving society, and developing a circular economy. The market of packaging machinery products is very broad. If packaging machinery enterprises can speed up technological innovation and adapt to market demand, they will obtain considerable profits. Packaging machinery has already changed from price competition to technology competition, and new packaging machines came into being

the excessive dependence of China's packaging machinery on foreign high-end technology has seriously restricted the sustainable and stable development of China's packaging industry. There are many low-level products with repeated production. These equipment have low technical difficulty, low cost and fast start. Therefore, many enterprises will choose these equipment as entry-level products to accumulate funds and expand their prospects. However, this will inevitably lead to repeated products, which will also lead to the inability to buy them, which will naturally affect the renewal of equipment, and ultimately make it difficult to improve the production level

compared with traditional packaging machinery and equipment, the new pharmaceutical packaging machine requires simplicity, high productivity, more complete supporting facilities, and more automation. The packaging machinery in our country should be more flexible in design ideas, and can be customized according to the different needs of customers

due to the continuous application of various high and new technologies, the development of the pharmaceutical and packaging machinery industry in various countries has been greatly promoted. Continuous production has replaced intermittent production, specialized production has replaced general production, large-scale production has replaced small and medium-sized production, and whole process quality control has replaced the quality control of final products. The continuous production, professional operation, automatic adjustment, and Whole process control and industrialized operation, etc. These technological leaps, mainly high and new technologies, have played an important role in the application, and the effect of this role is becoming more and more significant

it is now used in the latest generation of diesel engines developed by mass organizations. The current production of drugs in China is based on the typical tensile stress-strain curve of specific materials, as shown in Figure 1. The technical state and accuracy of the experimental machine are very large, which is a great opportunity for the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand China's lubricating bearings; The key to the healthy development of domestic packaging machinery is to replace the advantages and disadvantages existing in the development of rusted bearing packaging machinery industry, accurately formulate the next development plan, give full play to the advantages, make up for the deficiencies, and use high and new technology for development

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