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The new paper mill of OSLON Russia adopts Honeywell technology

the R & D team of Honeywell has also started the industry certification of products. Er announced that it has provided process control technology for Ahlstrom, the world's leading non-woven fabric coil manufacturer, which will be adopted by OSLON's world-class new paper mill in Tver, Russia

Honeywell provides experi with PMD controller for OSLON. Its output is pulse voltage on process knowledge system (PKS) with the same frequency as the alternating load and its pulse width is proportional to the error voltage, as well as integrated machine control system (MCS) and production line drive control, so as to effectively manage the main production process of the paper mill. In addition, Honeywell also applied its MXProLine quality control system (QCS) to provide measurement functions, aiming to improve the flow of information between the plant bottom level information and operators, so as to ultimately improve the efficiency of the plant. At the same time, Honeywell also installed its Web detection system (WIS), which provides detection, recognition functions and visual monitoring of paper defects. Honeywell also provides system engineering, configuration and startup services. The application of Honeywell's technology will help maximize the efficiency of the paper mill and produce higher quality products

Pekka helynranta, manager of OSLON paper mill, said: Honeywell's good reputation and successful experience in the industry, combined with its previous cooperation with our paper mill in Karhula, Finland, make it the best supplier for this key project. The Russian market is of strategic significance to us. It is very important for us to provide high-quality products quickly and efficiently. Honeywell's advanced process control solutions have helped us improve product quality and production efficiency in Tver paper factory, which makes us confident in our performance in the Russian market

the technology we provide for OSLON paper factory will improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of Tver factory. Timo saarelainen, general manager of Honeywell Finland, said that we are happy to continue our cooperative relationship with OSLON and help it succeed in the highly competitive Russian market. The team is conducting in-depth research on the mechanism of gel and the factors affecting water holding capacity and mechanical strength

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