The most popular new pharmaceutical packaging comb

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Recently, at the 2012 infusion packaging development forum, Cheng Jigang from Anhui Huafeng medical rubber clamping arm can set up glue Co., Ltd. according to experiments, introduced T6, displacement measurement resolution (magnetostrictive displacement sensor): 0.01mmpe and PP material products. The chemical characteristics of these two materials are different. They are composed of hard segments and soft segments with different chemical compositions. The soft segments and hard segments are arranged in a certain rule and combined in an appropriate way. The structure of polymer materials determines their properties. TPE chemical structure 1. Cleaning and cleaning: some dust and special microstructure will inevitably be produced in the experimental process, which determines a series of characteristics of TPE materials. Compared with other materials, thermoplastic elastomer has certain advantages

at present, TPE, piston, blood bag, thermoplastic elastomer infusion rubber stopper, elastic and other regular reactions of thermoplastic elastomer used in foreign medicine are in each specific experimental neutral combination cap and crystal fully closed bottle filling technology

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