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Popular food packaging and development trends in the United States 1. At present, the most popular food packaging in the U.S. market are:

1. High temperature sterilization plastic cans. The material consists of ppevoh-pp, which is characterized in that the interlayer is made of EVOH and packaged with this kind of plastic can. The storage period is the same as that of cans. It can be stored for two years at normal temperature, which can replace metal cans

2. Extrudable bottle. Made by CO extrusion technology, it has good gas retention and extrusion properties. The material composition is also pp-evoh-pp. it is an ideal high-temperature sterilization package for jam, sauce and other sauces

3. K-oak hot filling system. The material is composed of low-density polymer. Suitable for high temperature and high acid food packaging

4. Barrier laminated materials for food packaging. It has high gas resistance and metallized coating, and is suitable for the packaging of cakes, biscuits and other foods

5. Plastic plate for microwave oven and oven. Crystalline pet is a kind of food packaging with high temperature resistance

6. Aseptic packaging. The trend of development in the future is to use large-capacity aseptic food packaging

II. In the next decade, the development trend of food packaging precision in the United States:

1. For most new packaging, raw materials based on petrochemical products are mainly used

2. The further development of aseptic packaging will reduce the need for refrigeration equipment

3. More and more people are willing to use plastic cans and bottles, which will replace glass products and, in some cases, metal products

4. Flexible packaging materials are developing towards high quality

5. Reduce the packaging cost by improving the performance of packaging materials, rather than unilaterally pursuing the reduction of material prices. Different from ordinary products, packages need to be regularly loaded, sealed, stored, transported and other commodity processes. After customers buy them, they often have a process of storage and use. Therefore, the packaging quality must be guaranteed and improved

6. Lightweight packaging will continue to make progress. Its development trends include: for those who are easy to pick up and carry goods and need Inventory, due to the lighter packaging, the pallet load is correspondingly reduced, and the use of trucks and forklifts can be reduced; The packaging used to pack single paper boxes, glass and plastic containers, flexible packaging and other food packaging needs to increase its strength to facilitate safe transportation

The specially designed software function enables the experimenter to quantitatively control the state parameters

7 of the key points in the process of using experimental data. Meal packaging is an important development direction. Meal packaging has a history of many years, mainly to meet the needs of changes in the structure of American personnel and lifestyle changes

8. The traditional fiber packaging materials (cellophane and translucent paper) have a trend of being phased out. Polypropylene film is most likely to completely replace cellophane. Translucent paper (and grease proof paper) will be replaced by high-density and low-density metal foil, especially those with bimetal extrusion and resin, which can double their functions

9. Packing has been popularized in the food and beverage market

10. More than 60% of American families use microwave ovens. The most successful is the cardboard tray for microwave ovens, which has the dual functions of food packaging and cooking utensils

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