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The QS certification of food packaging products will be launched in Henan Province.

"will the spicy soup be taken away or drunk here?" "Take it away." The waiter in the shop skillfully picked up a uniaxial compressive strength test. Usually, a white plastic bag is used on the press to pour in the hot soup and add a bag outside. This is just an ordinary scene in the street. People are used to using plastic bags when buying vegetables, fruits or meals, but are these bags that directly contact food safe for people? It was learned from the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision yesterday that in the future, 39 kinds of packaging materials that directly contact food, such as plastic bags, disposable cups and fast food boxes, will not be allowed to be used for food packaging unless they are printed with the "QS" mark. Status: problematic plastic bags can be found everywhere. On the morning of September 4, at a breakfast stand on Huanghe Road, Zhengzhou City, the stall owner skillfully put the fried dough sticks, vegetables and other food that had just been taken out of the oil pan into a white plastic bag without any sign and handed it to a woman. The woman took the breakfast and ate and drank with the millet porridge with the same plastic bag on the bowl. In the market of Weiyi Road, vendors use colorful bags, and some can smell the strange smell of plastic bags from a distance. Then, We also came to a large supermarket where "we are discussing the European market strategy". There are a wide range of steamed buns, cakes, fried dough twist, cooked meat products and so on, which are used to hold these cooked foods. This article was published in the 7th issue of the Journal of modern practical medicine in 2014. The food packaging bag is marked with "food bag" word. Mr. Li, a citizen who is shopping, said that the packaging bags used to buy cakes, cooked food and so on are marked with "food bag" to maximize the size and color effect of the effect powder. As for whether they are really used to package food, it is unclear. Survey: it is difficult to find safe plastic bags in the market. During the visit, most merchants reported that the food bags they used were wholesale from the Yellow River Food City and the fair market. They visited these markets yesterday. At about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, I came to the Yellow River Food City on Nongye road. In one store, the shelves in the house were filled with plastic bags of different specifications and colors, and the air was filled with a strong pungent smell. Some of the bags have no signs, and some simply indicate "food bag", "degradable" and green words such as the manufacturer. The price of these bags varies from 2 points to 5 points according to their specifications. Although some plastic bags were marked with the name of the factory, none of them was marked with the address and. When asked where these plastic bags were imported, the boss kept silent. In a store next door, there were plastic bags marked with the name of a large supermarket chain. The store owner said, "you can have any kind of plastic bags you want." He pointed out: "generally, transparent plastic bags are made of new materials. Opaque and colored plastic bags are reprocessed with recycled materials." Dynamics: the market access system will be introduced. "We have received the notice. After the training in mid September, we will officially start the 'QS' certification of 39 kinds of food plastic packaging or containers and other products." Yesterday morning, a person in charge of the food supervision office of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau said. It is reported that the first batch of food contact materials to be marked with "QS" are 39 varieties in 3 categories, including plastic bags, disposable cups, chopsticks, bowls, dishes and other plastic packaging, containers and tools that directly contact with food. Materials include metal, plastic, ceramics, wood products, bamboo products, etc. The manufacturers of these products must obtain the "QS" license before using the "QS" mark on the product packaging. The unqualified manufacturers will be forced to withdraw from the market

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