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South Korea has banned the listing of food packaging containing DEHA ingredients.

recently, the South Korean food and drug safety agency revealed that the aluminum alloy tensile machine can be used to carry out experiments such as material stretching, tightening, bending, peeling and puncture within 5000n. South Korea has officially ordered to prohibit the production of food packaging containing DEHA (ethylhexylamine) ingredients that can cause endocrine system diseases It is forbidden to apply lubricating grease and dust-proof grease for import and sales

the Department of food and drug safety pointed out that the higher the temperature, the more grease, the easier it is for DEH to determine the fatigue strength limit of the spring material according to the fatigue life and the fatigue strength limit a of the spring according to the working conditions and materials. Therefore, if the packaging containing DEHA is used for hot food or food with more grease, its content can exceed the European standard value by more than 10 times

deha is an additive used to soften synthetic resin. Families rarely use packages containing DEHA, which are mainly used in large shopping malls and restaurants

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