The most popular food packaging in China should be

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In recent years, over packaging has become increasingly popular in various industries, especially in the food industry

recently, in view of the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, the relevant departments of Shanghai have preliminarily formulated regulations and standards to limit the excessive (luxury) packaging of moon cakes and other commodities after point B. for example, the gap between the commodities in the packaging container should be less than 1 cm, and the gap between the inner walls of the packaging capacity should be less than 5 mm; The packaging cost should be in production. At the same time, our current technology and production capacity can also meet the production cost of relevant customized products below 15%

for example, film materials, energy storage materials, liquid crystal materials, mechanical resonators, etc. it is understood that excessive packaging is illegal in many countries. Foreign countries have strict restrictions on the proportion and number of layers of commodity packaging in the whole commodity. They often strictly inspect the packaging of commodities sold in the market, encourage simplified commodity packaging, and punish over packaged commodities

China has already joined the WTO, so the business operation should be considered to be in line with international standards. Problems such as excessive food packaging and luxury packaging will be remedied by law, so that consumers can spend less money, and China's limited resources can also be effectively protected

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