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Food packaging in the future can also eat

[China Packaging News] ice cream can even enrich the taste with edible outer packaging

when we eat steamed buns, we sometimes forget the underlying layer of paper. Although the harm is not great, we will always feel uncomfortable after thinking about it. The most frightening thing is that many food packages are troublesome and beautiful. They are either difficult to tear open or the materials are suspected to be toxic. However, new technologies have emerged recently, saying that in the future, food can be eaten together with packaging

the technical inspiration comes from fruits. Professor davidedwards, the initiator of the research, said that now with the implementation of the 1035 national strategic emerging industry development plan, many foods are covered with layers of fresh-keeping film, which will cause slight changes in materials due to too high temperature. Of course, this is to prevent collisions or contact with inappropriate things during long-distance transportation and cause damage to food materials. However, many materials such as fresh-keeping film are slightly toxic. If they are directly covered on the food materials, they may cause toxicity to invade the food materials. And similar plastic packaging materials also cause great damage to the environment. Some non degradable materials will take decades to decompose and even turn fertile soil into desert

why can fruit be directly packed with the original peel? For example, the banana peel is soft but thick, which can effectively protect the pulp, while the apple peel can not only protect the pulp, but also contain a lot of nutrients, which can be eaten directly. So Professor Edwards thought, why not develop a material similar to peel, which is natural, healthy and even edible? His research and development project reconstitutes some natural food ions through ionization technology, and then forms a polysaccharide gel through their interaction. This gel can be used as the outer packaging of food. Of course, it is edible

the ingredients requiring secondary cleaning are not applicable.

at present, this technology has been adopted by an ice cream store named wikipearl. They use this gel to completely wrap the ice cream and make it into a ball shape. In this way, consumers can take them away directly without any packaging. When eating, they just put them in their mouth. However, people who are obsessed with cleanliness may still want to get a paper towel or something for a pad. More interestingly, this gel is also endowed with many flavors, which makes the ice cream taste richer. If you only want plain ice cream, you can also choose tasteless packaging. Compared with the past, this approach seems to enrich the choices of consumers

this technology is not yet fully mature, especially for some food materials that need to be unpacked for secondary cleaning, such as vegetables and meat. However, Professor Edwards believes that using this kind of packaging can at least ensure that fruits, vegetables and meat have a longer shelf life and fresher, and the gel has very high degradability and will not cause any environmental pollution

another reason why this technology has not been applied to other food materials at present is that the gel can no longer be eaten after completing the packaging task of such secondary cleaning food materials, because it may have been contaminated with bacteria. To solve this problem, the whole food material supply chain should work together. For example, the cleanliness of the food material should be guaranteed before it is packaged, so that consumers can directly process it together with the packaging after purchase

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