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Food packaging: we must adapt to the supermarket

supermarkets have been everywhere in Shanghai for a long time. They have attracted Shanghai citizens with increasingly better economic conditions with rich commodities and elegant shopping environment

however, it should be pointed out that despite the rapid development of supermarkets in Shanghai, there are still many problems that affect or restrict the development process of supermarkets. A very important problem that directly affects or restricts the economic benefits of supermarkets is the problem of food packaging. In particular, a considerable number of domestic enterprises learned that food packaging held the "green and low carbon development of China's industry" conference at the United Nations Climate Conference for the first time had the following shortcomings:

first, the packaging bags were brittle and easily damaged; Second, if the packaging range is large, the pattern and handwriting on the double column tensile machine (e.g. 10kN) should be selected, which is not firm and bright, and can not withstand touch; Third, the introduction of commodities on the packaging is incomplete. In addition, the packaging is opaque, so consumers can not see the contents of commodities at a glance

the supermarket is an open sales place introduced from abroad, which is the embodiment of shopping civilization. The supermarket management department should publicize the advanced management of the supermarket to the public, while the producers, especially the food producers, should work hard on commodity quality and packaging, so that the food in the supermarket can truly become the supporting products of the supermarket, and make the food sales leap to a new level

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