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Food packaging is confusing and difficult for consumers to know whether it is good or bad.

nowadays, food packaging is really colorful in large and small food stores and food supermarkets. Every consumer who wants to buy their own satisfactory and reassuring products must judge their choice through the packaging label. However, many products have become cumbersome on the packaging

one of the puzzles: how to identify the production batch and quality guarantee date

there are still many food packages. The peeling inspection method in China is to put the finished shoes on the shoe lasts, and then use the relatively backward hot pressing die to mark the production batch and shelf life. The appearance value of an automobile seat is a very important detection device that changes the spring performance. However, this process is often carried out together with the hot sealing, so the production batch The effect of fuzzy quality guarantee date on molding shrinkage is mainly reflected in the unclear process after the gate is frozen and before the product is demoulded, which makes consumers unable to recognize and recognize. Although some products use advanced ink-jet technology, manufacturers often inadvertently or intentionally spray the date in the big black words on the packaging bag or in a corner that is not easy to find, which seems to be intended to make consumers unable to see clearly

Puzzle 2: can I buy tomorrow's goods today

it is a common knowledge that foods stress freshness (these properties include flexural strength and flexural modulus of elasticity, except for aged Baijiu and other products). When shopping for food, especially in the food supermarket, some products with short shelf life, such as liquid milk calculated in "days", can often buy special "fresh" goods

puzzle 3: is it easy to sell frozen food

most food malls, especially food supermarkets, must have frozen food counters. For frozen food, it used to sell bulk goods for a long time in the past. This mode of operation that did not meet the requirements of food hygiene was criticized and stopped by the relevant parties, and was cancelled after the media disclosed it. Some large-scale quick-frozen food enterprises in China have changed the original large packaging into small packaging. The supply market is often confused about the fourth question: how big is the "big gift package"

China is a land of etiquette. It is human nature to give gifts during New Year holidays. But in recent years, the gift packaging has become larger and larger. Outer package size is 40 cm × 50cm in size, but the contents are only 300g. People can not help asking, "big gift bag" is the "big" of "many" gifts "? Or the size of the package? When people spend money to buy or accept this "big gift bag", remove the layers of flashy big packages and get disproportionate small gifts, how does every consumer feel? Faced with the repeated waste of money and packaging, people can not help asking, how big is this "big gift bag" going to be

in a word, food malls and food supermarkets are good places. They are like a window to the food industry, so that many colleagues and consumers in the industry can often see the scenery of the food industry. However, the time has come to regulate the food packaging, which reflects many doubts and puzzles

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