The most popular food packaging materials in China

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In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of management, the quality of food safety in China has been significantly improved. However, there are still problems, such as food packaging materials. Once there is a problem, its harm is more potential. When people buy food, they can know its composition through the label on the package, but they cannot know whether the packaging material itself poses a threat to human health

it is understood that the National Committee for technical standardization of plastic products has organized experts to draft relevant standards. Among them, the general rules for composite films and bags for food packaging has passed the expert review. People concerned said that there are only a few standard recycled pavement areas of 386000 square meters for composite films and bags used for food packaging, but it is the first time to adopt the form of general rules to formulate new standards

improvement of consumers' health awareness

recently, I visited several large supermarkets in Nanshan and Futian, especially the food using composite packaging bags and films. Many consumers said that they would not have any requirements for food packaging unless there were particularly obvious damages and stains when buying food. However, with the emergence of food safety problems some time ago, they have begun to pay attention to food packaging. According to the salesperson, customers often ask questions when buying food

it is understood that the general rules for the labelling of prepackaged food GB7718-2004, one of the series of national standards for food labelling, has just been enforced by the state, and has been consciously implemented by some enterprises and reflected in their products. At present, the food packaging standards have attracted the attention of consumers. In a supermarket in Nanshan, shoppers were asked about the quality of food packaging bags. Many consumers said that after the introduction of such standards, food safety will be more guaranteed

brand enterprises pay attention to health standards

what are the requirements of food production enterprises for the printing of food packaging bags and films? Xiaolin, a plastic color printing factory in Nanshan, told us that enterprises would put forward requirements for quality and materials, but there were not many customers with special requirements for residue indicators. Formal enterprises or foreign companies usually write down specific requirements in the contract, such as what kind of ink to use. He introduced that when the ink is quickly printed on composite films and bags, it is necessary to add mixed solvents such as toluene, butanone, ethyl acetate and isopropanol to the ink, which is conducive to dilution and promote drying. For the printing industry, such a process is very normal

relevant principals of Yibao and Yijing, well-known drinking water enterprises in Shenzhen, told us that barreled drinking water packaging (i.e. water bucket) has a great impact on the quality of drinking water. This machine is a new generation of double space microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine specially designed for colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and quality supervision and monitoring departments to further improve the manufacturing innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide, and the combination of production, study, research and application, At present, there is a big gap between Shenzhen brand enterprises and general water enterprises. The quality depends on whether the production management of enterprises is standardized, whether they have health and safety awareness, and whether they are willing to invest. He said that the cost of buckets in barreled water production enterprises accounts for a large part of the total cost of enterprises. If consumers use 18.9-liter buckets for daily use, if high-quality PC (polycarbonate) is used as raw material, the retail price of each bucket is about 30 yuan. According to the regulations, each bucket will be scrapped after being used for 100 times. Generally speaking, the life of a new barrel is only 2 years. In order to save costs, some small and medium-sized enterprises and bucket manufacturers recycle some discarded buckets, or use buckets made of waste bottles, discarded CDs and other garbage, which pose a threat to the health of consumers

with the introduction of relevant food packaging standards, it is a norm for the food industry; For consumers, these standards will provide new protection for a healthy life

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