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The plastic lined pipeline has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, sanitation, non-toxic, not easy to deteriorate, convenience and rapidity, smooth pipe wall and high transportation efficiency. It is an excellent carrier for liquid and gas transportation

plastic lined pipes not only have the mechanical properties of steel pipes, but also have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, scale inhibition and not easy to grow microorganisms of plastic pipes. Therefore, plastic lined pipes are ideal pipes for transporting acid, alkali, salt, corrosive gas and other media. Next, I will introduce the installation of plastic lined pipes and the scope of application of plastic lined pipes

installation of plastic lined pipes

select the pipes to be installed and make corresponding preparations to start the installation of pipes. First, check whether the pipes to be installed are in good condition, and replace them in time if problems are found. Then, install the inlet and outlet parts of pumps, kettles and other equipment, complete the installation of nipples, valves and elbows, and then pre install the pipeline; Then, carry out formal assembly, and tighten the flange evenly and symmetrically; Finally, carefully inspect the assembled pipes. In addition to meeting the general assembly rules, the tightness test of the system should also be carried out according to the manufacturer's requirements (the qualification rate of each project acceptance must reach 100%

application scope of plastic lined pipes

1. Chemical industry: process pipes and discharge pipes for transporting corrosive gases, liquids and solid powders in acid, alkali and salt manufacturing, chemical fertilizer, pesticides, chemistry, rubber and plastic industries

2. Electric power engineering: return water transportation of process water, chemical water, waste residue and fly ash transportation

3. Smelting industry: transportation of corrosive media in metal smelting

4. Mining industry: discharge of mineral powder, pulp, slag and tailings, backfilling, ventilation, gas drainage and slurry spraying

5. Pharmaceutical industry: transport all kinds of corrosive media, sewage and wastewater

6. Oil and gas fields: oily sewage, gas field sewage, oil and gas mixture, oil production and gathering and transmission process pipeline

7. Agricultural sprinkler irrigation: deep well pipe, filter pipe, underdrain pipe, drainage pipe, irrigation water supply pipe

8. Municipal Industry: urban building water supply, drinking water, fire water, heat supply network return water, gas, natural gas transmission, highway buried drainage and green belt irrigation

characteristics of plastic lined pipes

1. Excellent physical properties

2. Excellent corrosion resistance

3. The mechanical strength is the same as that of steel pipes

4. It is hygienic and non-toxic, does not accumulate dirt, does not breed microorganisms, and ensures fluid quality

5. It is resistant to chemical corrosion, soil and marine biological corrosion, and resistant to cathodic stripping

6. The installation process is mature, convenient and fast

7. It has good weather resistance and is suitable for deserts Saline alkali and other harsh environments

8, smooth pipe wall, improved transmission efficiency, service life

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