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The overall impression of the new Chinese style is elegant and unique, and the shape is simple but beautiful. With the freehand brushwork of modern art, it subtracts the cumbersome and stereotyped effect of the past. Now let's take a look with cobbes seamless wall cloth

the new Chinese style is a new interpretation of the traditional style of the ancient oriental civilization under the background of the factors of the times. It emphasizes the close integration of modern materials and traditional elements, refines and enriches traditional elements, and uses modern people's aesthetic taste and daily living habits to create a traditional charm, reflecting a kind of ancient and modern inclusive beauty

nowadays, the new Chinese style home decoration design comes down in one continuous line with the traditional Chinese style. It not only shows the charm of Chinese traditional culture, but also reflects the attitude and pursuit of modern people towards life, which has evolved into a more simple and fashionable style, showing taste and style


133 p yueran

New Chinese style, using symmetrical layout techniques, the overall impression is elegant and unique, and the shape is simple but beautiful. With freehand modern art techniques, the cumbersome and stereotyped effects of the past are subtracted, creating a minimalist Chinese charm

118 p ran Shaohua

elegant colors, concise furniture accessories, exquisite process details, combined with the new Chinese flower and bird background wall cloth made of natural materials, although simple, it is never casual. In the simple modern home, it emphasizes the creation of elegant oriental artistic conception

The combination of condensed artistic conception and furniture lines creates a typical Chinese style for the family in the living room. One carving, one masonry and one corner fall are the inheritance and expression of Chinese civilization. Pay attention to the decoration technique of simplifying and simplifying to express the natural artistic conception of Chinese style

put yourself in it and feel it carefully.

the civilization of any Millennium flows along the line of sight.

is a kind of spiritual enjoyment,

is the pursuit of modern people for oriental culture

the environmental protection indicators of cobbes seamless wallcovering exceed those of traditional wallpaper products. It is a real environmental protection seamless wallcovering. The raw materials of Wallcovering are natural substances, non-toxic and tasteless. It is a new type of green environmental protection building materials. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, schools, KTV office buildings, shopping malls and home interior decoration

(image and text source: Kobus cobbes wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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