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Once the grain in ear is over, the hot summer officially comes. The high temperature and strong ultraviolet radiation not only require people to do a good job in self-protection, but also pay more attention to the ongoing decoration, and all kinds of household items must also be careful to prevent sunscreen, otherwise they will also protest against "heatstroke"

there is a set of decoration classic in summer

there are hidden dangers in catching up with the construction period in the tide

summer is not the peak season of decoration, but with the improvement of the skills of decoration companies and the control of the climate and environment, many owners choose to hand over their houses and start decoration. However, different from the pleasant climate in spring and autumn, the humid and hot weather in summer is somewhat detrimental to the project. How to avoid the adverse factors? Please see the experts' opinions

Bricklayer's high humidity is slightly beneficial

"cement should not be exposed to rain before use. If it is exposed to rain, it is best to use it immediately. If it is found to be damp and caked, it should be forbidden to use it". Hu Zengguang said that tiling is basically not affected when the air humidity is high, and it is even beneficial in the rainy season. Because the initial setting and final setting of cement are chemical reactions, which have little to do with air humidity. After tiling or leveling the ground, it is necessary to spray water for maintenance. Higher humidity will not affect the quality of the project. "When tiling in the open air, if the weather is too dry, you have to cover it with straw curtains. You can't let the cement dry quickly. The rapid evaporation of water will reduce the strength."

carpentry and wood should pay attention to moisture prevention

the weather in summer is hot, the rain is also continuous, and the humidity in the air is high. Huzengguang, engineering director of Yezhifeng decoration Beijing Branch, said that when using wood materials for decoration in summer, we must pay attention not to be affected by moisture. Try not to transport materials when it rains. If it rains during handling, the wood will absorb water and expand. After moving to the construction site, you should also pay attention not to put it next to the window to avoid being drenched by rain or exposed to the sun. The moisture content of wood should be controlled within 2%. If it is processed directly when the moisture content is too high, shrinkage and cracking may occur in dry weather

in addition, when laying the floor, we must ensure that the ground is dry. The ground will dry slowly on rainy days, but you must be patient and not rush to pave. Experts suggest that the floor be sent home two days in advance to make its internal humidity consistent with the indoor environment, otherwise the joint is easy to expand. It should also be noted that when the humidity is high in the rainy season, the floor itself will expand due to the high humidity. When paving, the gap should be kept small, and it will return to normal after drying and shrinking

oil workers must not rush the construction period

it should be oil workers who have the most impact on the construction period of decoration in summer. According to Hu Zengguang, puttying, painting and painting of wood products in oil workers will be affected by wet weather. When applying putty on the wall, you must wait for the base to dry thoroughly before applying it for the second time, and then apply it for the third time after the second time. You can choose to thin the putty and apply it several times more, so it is easier to dry. If the putty is not dry enough and starts to brush the paint, there may be water reflection, resulting in bubbling. Painting must also be thoroughly dry, otherwise the wall may crack and peel. Hu Zengguang also mentioned that if wallpaper is pasted when the wall base is not dry, it may cause mold on the base, and the spread of mold on the wallpaper will seriously affect the aesthetics

in addition, although there are few on-site wooden products, many owners choose to make special-shaped bookcases or wooden decorative walls. In addition to moisture-proof, wood products should not be painted when the humidity is too high, "especially when people feel bored, they should stop construction". If the air humidity is too high, it is easy to mist when spraying varnish, and the paint surface will lose its texture. In summer, due to high humidity, the construction period is relatively long. Don't rush for construction in order to catch up with the construction period and affect the project quality

don't forget the sunshade at home

people will sunscreen in summer because of high temperature and strong ultraviolet rays. In fact, many household items such as solid wood furniture, leather sofas, washing machines, and even the flowers and plants in the home are afraid of exposure to the sun. Strong eye irradiation may also make them "heatstroke". We asked experts to introduce some household items "heatstroke symptoms" and "first aid recipes"

flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables should not have enough light

many owners will put some flowers and plants at home, and some people will plant some fruits and vegetables on the balcony by themselves. The strong sunlight in summer will cause damage to some plants. According to experts, plants are usually placed in a position that allows two to three hours of diffuse or reflected light exposure every day. However, plants (especially shade loving plants) cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time in summer. Direct sunlight will cause plant branches and leaves to be burned by the sun or a large amount of water evaporation, causing yellowing and death. Therefore, shade loving plants placed in sunny areas should be moved or covered appropriately to avoid excessive sunlight. However, sun loving plants can still be placed on the closed balcony with sufficient light, which not only ensures the amount of light, but also blocks the lethality of direct sunlight to plants

solid wood furniture is the key to controlling moisture

don't think that flowers and plants are delicate, and large pieces of furniture can be ignored. Hanbaoguo, the operation director of Beijing Century top 100 Furniture Co., Ltd., said that solid wood furniture may have color deviation under direct sunlight, but this is also related to the material and paint of the wood itself. In addition, solid wood furniture may crack and deform in the case of direct sunlight and sudden changes in humidity. Experts suggest that "consumers who place solid wood furniture by the window should add a layer of gauze curtain on the curtain, so as to avoid direct sunlight on the furniture". In addition, pay attention to maintain ventilation and control the humidity in the room. When the humidity is too low, you can wipe it with a damp cloth every day to supplement the moisture. Panel furniture is relatively leather, "even if the sun is direct, generally there will be no problems."

floor gauze curtain has a great protective effect

Wang Jun, expert member of China forest products industry association and director of the forest products inspection center (Changchun) of the State Forestry Administration, said that both solid wood flooring and composite flooring may crack under long-term exposure to the sun, and bubbles and discoloration caused by aging paint film may occur. However, Wang Jun explained, "the samples in the store will also change color to a certain extent when exposed to cold light. Sunlight only accelerates the aging of the floor. Adding a layer of gauze curtain can greatly reduce the damage of sunlight to the floor". In addition, the owner is suggested to wax the floor once every 2-3 months

correct maintenance of sofa is more important

"sunshine on leather sofa for a long time will indeed cause some adverse effects on sofa." However, Han Baoguo also pointed out that direct sunlight may cause discoloration of leather sofas, but it is generally difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, which can be ignored relative to the speed of sofa upgrading. The most important thing about leather sofa is to use leather maintenance agent regularly for maintenance. In order to supplement the moisture on the surface of the sofa, some owners wipe it with a wet cloth every day, but experts point out that this practice is wrong and will affect the service life of the sofa

the fading degree of fabric sofa will be greater under direct sunlight, but it will not be particularly obvious. As for the practice of putting on a sofa cover to prevent sunscreen, different people have different opinions. Sofa covers can protect the sofa, but you need to choose products that match the home style, "otherwise it will affect the matching of other items at home, which is not very beautiful."





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