The secret of kitchen decoration is hidden in the

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Decoration is not easy, and installing cabinets is more annoying. So before decoration, learn more from others' experience, so that when customizing cabinets, you can clearly know what you want and consider comprehensively

the golden triangle area of the kitchen, including meal preparation, cleaning and cooking, should follow the coordination of the triangle area even if the house type is wonderful. How to plan reasonably? How to make rational use of space? You must know in advance, so that communication with designers will be very smooth

1. The height of the table top should not be ignored: the height of the table top depends on the height of the user. Maybe your mother cooks more, your tall daughter-in-law cooks more, or you! Everyone's height is different, so you must tell the designer what you want. Because a comfortable operation habit can even change a person's life

2. If you can keep a bar: if space allows, you'd better design an island or bar. 1、 If the cooking frequency is high, the operation area of the island platform is indispensable. 2、 If the frequency of cooking is not high, does it also need a small bar that integrates beauty and romance (small kitchen is not recommended, you know!) 3. Hardware is very important: don't think that buying cabinets is just buying cabinets. The hardware accessories of cabinets can't be underestimated. When placing an order, you must see what the hardware accessories are like? If you are a quiet person, accessories with damping effect must be your first choice

4. Height of the hanging cabinet door: when cooking or washing, you accidentally forget to close the hanging cabinet door, which is particularly likely to be hit. So if you are relatively tall, you can consider turning the door up or raising the open cabinet above the stove




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