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A Watford man avoided a criminal record after brandishing a pair of knives during a fight.

ThatUsing municipal wastewater to look for evidence o, according to Justice Deborah AustinenableLivechat, was because “there is a context here that is unusualt be affected by strengthened stay-at-home orders, such a.” She was referring to the motive behind Adam Fillion’s involvement in a neighbourly dispute that quickly escalated to violence2021-04-10T12:17:00Z.

A number of people were drinking at an Ontario St. apartment complex in Watford last July when they noticed a neighbor attempting to get in his car. This concerned them, partly because he had no insurance but also because they believed he was high on cocaine.

The man became angry at his neighbor’s suggestion to hand over his keys and attacked him, causing a swollen eyeThe lowest rates of people i. That’s when Fillion stepped in, running inside to grab a pair of kitchen knives and bringing them outside to wave at the aggressor. The presence of the weapons brought the scuffle to a close.

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