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The development of packaging machinery industry in Taiwan started relatively late

Taiwan's packaging machinery market has a promising prospect. According to overseas media reports, the development of packaging machinery industry in Taiwan started relatively late, but under the impact of export-oriented economic structure, the packaging machinery industry has accelerated the improvement of deformation accuracy and high product quality in recent years, prompting the surge in demand for automation equipment. In addition, due to the significant improvement in the technology of food packaging machinery in recent years, the demand for packaging machinery will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years. Most manufacturers in Taiwan said that the market prospect of all kinds of packaging machinery was promising in the coming year if there was a need to replace gaskets. They believed that the following factors were beneficial to the production and sales of all kinds of packaging machinery, and the range of experimental force was selected according to the characteristics of samples. Although the number of packaging machinery manufacturers in Taiwan has exceeded 100, most of them are still small and medium-sized, with limited output, and the types of machines produced by each manufacturer are not the same in use and performance. Because there are no fewer than thousands of products to be packaged, the use of packaging materials is also different, The function of glass screen printing machine and even packaging machine can also be expanded to the combined packaging of large product series, so it can be predicted that the packaging machine market still has considerable potential. Second, Southeast Asia and the mainland of the motherland and other markets have a great demand for packaging machines. The industry exports these regions in the form of indirect trade, which results in a smooth sales promotion, and the ancillary product manufacturers of packaging machines such as packaging raw materials and printing machinery also gradually follow up. From the perspective of market demand for packaging machinery, the demand for various types of machinery is still very optimistic in the next few years. The local industry in Taiwan believes that if we can strive to improve the mechanical performance, develop the market in a planned way, strengthen after-sales service, cooperate with the improvement of quality and performance, and the demand continues to increase, the packaging machinery industry still has a lot of room for development

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