It is imperative to replace exterior wall tiles wi

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It is imperative for exterior wall coatings to replace exterior wall tiles

exterior wall coatings to replace exterior wall tiles

August 10, 2006

application status of architectural coatings abroad

according to relevant statistics, in terms of the world coating market, the annual growth rate of exterior wall coatings is 7%, higher than the average development rate of the coating industry of 5%. At present, the total output of coatings in the world is about 28million tons, of which architectural coatings account for 40% - 50%. Pay attention to some details in the United States. Architectural coatings account for 52% of paint production in China, 57% in Italy, 55% in Germany, 55% in France and 40% in Japan. Architectural coatings are the type of coatings with the largest consumption proportion in developed countries. The per capita consumption of architectural coatings in the United States and other developed countries is more than 10kg, while China is less than 1kg. In developed countries, architectural coatings are used most for interior and exterior wall decoration. Almost all the exterior walls of Western European countries are decorated with paint. In the United States, 70% of the exterior walls of buildings are decorated with paint; More than 85% of the exterior walls of residential buildings in Singapore are decorated with paint. Exterior wall coatings are widely used not only in Europe, America, Japan and other developed regions, but also in Thailand, which has accounted for 50% of the decoration volume

constraints of exterior wall tiles

once upon a time, exterior wall tiles became a popular exterior wall decoration material, and the streets and alleys of cities and towns were full of tile mosaics. However, with the passage of time, many buildings with facing bricks built with obvious cost advantages in the 1980s and 1990s have appeared scattered falling off. With the increasing use and scope of glass pipes, newspapers have also reported the event of "falling off of facing bricks and injuring pedestrians". Facing bricks not only bring unsafe hidden dangers to residents, but also are not convenient for maintenance, and the mottled walls have seriously affected the appearance of buildings and the image of the city. In recent years, with the gradual promotion of building energy conservation, many buildings have adopted the external wall external insulation system. Due to the large self weight of the external wall bricks, the requirements for the bearing capacity of the insulation materials are high, which virtually increases the cost of the insulation system, and the safety hazards are more serious. At the same time, the insulation system with external wall tiles will cause cold penetration after the face tiles fall off, affecting the thermal insulation and energy saving effect of the building. In addition, the exterior wall brick has obvious deficiencies in environmental protection, production, decoration, construction, building protection, etc., and the consumption of non renewable resources such as soil and coal in the production process is also considerable; The price is relatively high, which increases the construction cost

policy support for paint development

in 2003, the promotion of exterior wall paint still lacked strong policy support, and face bricks and mosaics with high energy consumption and poor safety were still the main products of exterior wall decoration in many urban public buildings

today, we don't have to sigh about it anymore. The eleventh five year plan proposes that "we should take resource conservation as a basic national policy, develop a circular economy, protect the ecological environment, accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and promote the coordination of economic development with population, resources and environment. We should promote the informatization of the national economy and society, take a new road to industrialization, adhere to economic development, clean development, safe development, and achieve sustainable development." In order to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society and achieve sustainable development, we must restrict the development of industries with high energy consumption and poor safety. This is undoubtedly the most powerful support in the competition between exterior wall coatings and wall tiles

in general, paint has irreplaceable advantages over wall tiles. The use of exterior wall paint for building decoration has been increasingly accepted by all parties. Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Dalian and other local governments have clearly stipulated that high-rise buildings must use exterior wall paint for decoration, and mosaic is prohibited. The use of ceramic tiles is restricted for the exterior walls of residential buildings, and the use of qualified architectural exterior wall coatings is promoted

technological progress of coatings

in fact, the government's policy support for coating promotion has long existed, but because the development of the coating industry in the early years is extremely non-standard, and the good and bad coating production enterprises are mixed, some low-quality and low-grade coatings once disappointed the builders, resulting in the construction coatings having good prospects but no good reputation, and the wall tiles that should have been withdrawn from the mainstream market are making a comeback

with the continuous development of the coating industry, the gradual standardization of the coating market and the continuous progress of coating technology, the overall quality of domestic coating products has been significantly improved. In particular, some paint manufacturers with a high sense of society actively promote the development of the industry by means of technological innovation. Some new functional, high-tech and high-quality products have fully guaranteed the quality of exterior wall decorative coatings in terms of durability, stain resistance and crack resistance. Moreover, the continuous improvement of many stone like and aluminum plate like coating products has enriched the decorative effect of the wall

for example, Asiatic paint company launched innovative products such as water-based elastic metallic paint, high density metallic paint, fluorocarbon high elastic coating, which further improved the quality standard of the whole industry. At the same time, it is also making unremitting efforts in coating application technology. From some self-discipline and self-improvement enterprises such as asilac, we can feel that the coating industry will have a very broad development prospect

examples of exterior wall coating replacing exterior wall tiles picture:

China United Corporation before and after the renovation of Yashi

before the renovation

after the renovation

local policies restrict the use of exterior wall tiles

Beijing: exterior walls of high-rise buildings above 15 floors are not allowed to be decorated with exterior wall tiles

Beijing regulations, in order to ensure safety, in the future, the use of exterior wall tiles is prohibited for the decoration of high-rise buildings on 15 floors or more that will produce harmful materials such as dioxin, All will be decorated with paint

Shanghai: restrict exterior wall tiles and prohibit mosaics

the notice on promoting the application of architectural exterior wall coatings in municipal construction projects issued by the Shanghai Municipal Construction Commission stipulates that construction projects should promote the application of architectural exterior wall coatings, restrict the design and use of exterior wall tiles, and prohibit the design and use of mosaic and other exterior wall ceramic veneer materials

Chongqing: exterior wall tiles are forbidden for street front and high-rise buildings

in view of the frequent occurrence of falling off of exterior wall tiles in Chongqing, on April 11, the Chongqing Municipal Construction Commission revealed that from now on, the use of exterior wall tiles in all newly-built, reconstructed and expanded street front buildings in the main urban area of Chongqing is strictly prohibited. It is reported that the exterior walls of civil buildings with more than 20 floors or more than 60 meters in height and those facing the street or pedestrians shall not use exterior wall tiles. The safety performance of external wall tiles is poor, and accidents of falling off and injuring people may occur at any time, and the construction cost of external wall tiles is large. According to the relevant person of the Municipal Construction Committee, exterior wall coatings will be used to replace exterior wall tiles, such as synthetic resin lotion and solvent based exterior wall coatings

Jiangsu: promote building exterior wall coatings

the notice on eliminating and restricting the use of some backward technologies and products in Engineering Construction issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of construction stipulates that mosaic is prohibited for building exterior wall finishes, ceramic tiles are restricted for residential building exterior walls, and qualified building exterior wall coatings are promoted

Dalian: the use of wall tiles for decoration of high-rise buildings is prohibited

on June 12, Dalian has issued a notice prohibiting the use of wall tiles for decoration of high-rise buildings. In this regard, the Municipal Construction Commission said that the purpose is to eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by the falling off of wall tiles in high-rise buildings. In addition, according to citizens' complaints about building quality, due to the insulation layer on the inner side of wall tiles, falling off will cause common quality problems such as penetrating cold. On the 12th, the Dalian Construction Committee also said that in combination with the treatment of common housing quality problems such as cold penetration, Dalian will focus on promoting the application of new waterproof materials and elastic coatings this year

comparison between exterior wall coating and exterior wall brick

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