It is imperative to popularize Trenchless Pipeline

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It is imperative to promote Trenchless Pipeline Repair Technology

it is imperative to promote Trenchless Pipeline Repair Technology

January 16, 2004

What if the underground pipeline is blocked or cracked? According to the traditional method, it is nothing more than "opening the belly" for more

replacement, and a special epoxy system product "trenchless repair technology" piloted in Shanghai recently can complete pipeline repair under the condition of excavation

, saving time, labor and convenience

The trenchless pipeline repair technology is characterized by fast construction speed and little impact on ground traffic. It is suitable for various pipe diameters and various types of pipelines with various specifications. It can detect and repair drainage pipelines. Similar technologies are widely used in developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to repair various pipelines. According to experts from China epoxy resin industry association, the material used for repair is a special epoxy system product. When repairing, first use an electronic surveyor to measure the direction and extent of the crack of the underground water pipe, find the nearest inspection well connected with it, and then use a high-pressure water pump gun to thoroughly clean the broken pipe, and then use a pipe made of chemical fiber The felt material suitable for the inner diameter of the broken water pipe is processed into a cylinder and put into the broken

pipe. This kind of hose is like a "sock", with a layer of plastic film on the surface, and the felt is coated with special epoxy resin containing curing agent whose use mode will be changed. At this time, tie the opening of the hose and the port of the air pump tightly, start the air pump, and firmly stick the hose to the underground water pipe wall with strong airflow

. Finally, a pipe full of small holes must be shut down to remove debris, and the water pipe is put into the hose. The hot water with high temperature

is sprayed evenly on the inner wall of the hose. When the hose is heated, the surface of the drill cone is placed on the support, and then it is hardened and shaped by special epoxy resin and clings to the inner wall of the damaged water pipe

Shanghai has achieved initial success in trying out the "trenchless repair technology". Considering its compatibility and toughening, it took only 3 hours to repair a broken water pipe with a diameter of 600mm and a length of 12m with this overturned trenchless method.. It is reported that the key material for repair - special epoxy system products have been successfully developed by Suzhou Shengjie special resin Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the R & D and production of special epoxy curing agent and special epoxy resin. They use special composite epoxy resin and special composite curing agent to produce special epoxy system products for Trenchless Pipeline Repair

Experts from the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that special epoxy system products have been widely used in the field of pipeline trenchless repair in developed countries. The construction volume of Trenchless Technology in western developed countries has accounted for 10% of the construction volume of all underground pipeline projects, and up to 40% in some areas. The promotion of this technology in China has a very broad development prospect. The underground pipelines laid before the founding of the people's Republic of China, which are still widely used in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian and other cities, have reached the update period; If we use traditional methods to update all of them, the investment will greatly affect the traffic and damage the roads for the time being. It is not allowed to last for a long time, and many underground hidden dangers may turn into major accidents at any time. The use of trenchless repair can properly solve this problem

it is reported that in order to promote this technology, the National Productivity Promotion Center of the building materials industry held a seminar on Trenchless repair of underground pipelines, and invited experts from Xiangnan synthetic resin company in Japan to introduce the trenchless repair technology of pipelines; Shanghai has established the Trenchless Technology Association

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