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It is imperative to promote the industrialization of green tires.

fan Rende, President of China Rubber Industry Association: more and more countries are brewing or have implemented tire labeling law to improve tire performance through grading indicators such as fuel consumption and wet road grip, so as to achieve green energy conservation and environmental protection. From November 1 this year, the European Union and South Korea will implement mandatory tire labeling regulations, and the global market share of green tires will increase by more than 15%. Therefore, the development trend of China Rubber Association to promote the industrialization of green tires in China is under the control of its leaders. At present, China Rubber Association has organized relevant enterprise personnel to visit Europe, communicated with the European rubber and tire Producers Association, and organized tire labeling training; In addition, it will also refer to the EU tire labeling law and reach regulations, and organize the formulation of a green tire industrialization regulation in line with international standards and national conditions in combination with the national requirements for energy conservation and consumption reduction. In the future, we will implement Association supervision according to laws and regulations, promote the development of green tire industrialization, improve the quality level of China's tires, and promote industrial restructuring and industrial upgrading

Jiang Qi, deputy director and deputy chief engineer of the tire Research Institute of Shanghai tire and Rubber Group Co., Ltd.: with the increasing production, sales and ownership of global cars, carbon emissions are also increasing. At the same time, the continuous rise in crude oil prices has made people pay more attention to oil and energy conservation, and the choice of efficient and energy-saving green products will gradually increase. Therefore, the market demand for green tires is very broad, and the market value will continue to improve. China should realize the industrialization of green tires as soon as possible

based on the existing market value analysis, in North America, Europe, Oceania and other markets, energy-saving and environmental friendly tires have been valued and accepted by automobile manufacturers and replacement customers, and their market share has been expanding and improving. It is understood that the environmentally friendly tires developed by shuangqian group have entered the U.S. tire sales market and are matched with CIMC's U.S. factory. It is expected that the order number this year will be more than 50000

based on the analysis of potential market value, due to the structural optimization design of energy-saving and environment-friendly green tires, the number of plastic machines imported into China has also been rapidly promoted in recent years, which is significantly different from ordinary tire products in quality. According to the statistics of several existing products, the mass of environmentally friendly tires is reduced by 3.5kg on average compared with ordinary tires. According to the production of 1million tires, 3500 tons of raw materials can be saved. According to the average raw material price of 25000 yuan/ton, 87.5 million yuan can be saved

Wang Feng, party secretary and general manager of Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd.: since the reform and opening up, China's tire industry has achieved rapid development, with tire output, export volume and the number of enterprises ranking first in the world. However, it cannot be avoided that the whole tire industry as a whole is still large but not strong. Developing and popularizing green tires is an important work to realize the dream of tire power, and has become an urgent task for the industry

it is suggested that the relevant government departments should formulate environmental protection regulations for domestic green tires that are in line with international standards as soon as possible, and develop self-healing plastics, gel or elastomers. If the elongation of government introduced materials exceeds 1000%, the travel of 1000 or 1200mm can be selected, and the market mechanism can be organically combined to cultivate a market-oriented green consumption environment; It is suggested that all tire enterprises in China should realize green manufacturing as soon as possible, and allow domestic consumers to use non-toxic and harmless green tires while "being forced" to export green tires; It is suggested that automobile OEMs play a demonstration and leading role in equipping the whole vehicle with green tires to promote the healthy development of the domestic automobile industry

xuchunhua, honorary chairman of the professional committee of rubber additives of China Rubber Association: relevant EU data show that 18% of the global carbon dioxide emissions are related to road traffic, while 20% - 30% of the fuel consumption of vehicles is related to tires, and 24% of the carbon dioxide emissions of road vehicles are related to tires. In addition, it is estimated that when the rolling resistance of radial tires is reduced by 20% - 30%, the fuel economy can reach 5% - 7%, and the carbon dioxide emission per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 400 grams. Then, if all cars in the country use environmentally friendly tires with low rolling resistance, the annual fuel consumption can be reduced by more than 410000 tons, and the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by more than 3million tons. Worldwide, 20billion liters of gasoline can be saved every year, and the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by 50million tons. Therefore, the economic and social benefits of energy-saving, safe and environmental friendly green tires are very significant. China's tire manufacturing industry should strengthen the technological development of green tires in order to get a green pass in the international market

Wei Nan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of triangle group: in the development process of green tires, some enterprises have made sufficient preliminary preparations, and some enterprises have achieved some technological breakthroughs, but there is still a considerable distance from industrialization. Considering the following two aspects, we must speed up the industrialization of green tires: first, the market situation requires that after the U.S. tire warranty case, the share of green tires in the international market has increased, and the requirements of various countries for tire performance have gradually increased, which forces China's tire industry to work hard on industrial upgrading and quality upgrading; Second, from the perspective of the development of the industry itself, improving the overall product quality of the industry through the industrialization of green tires is also conducive to the overall healthy development of the industry. I think this is the second revolution of the tire industry after the radial tire

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