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China's packaging machinery industry strives to open the European and American markets

China has entered a stage of rapid development, and packaging machinery strives to open the European and American international markets. To successfully enter the international market, on the one hand, it is related to the technical level of China's packaging machinery, on the other hand, it is also related to the shape of the U.S. packaging machinery market. As a highly developed liberalization market, the polarization of American packaging machinery manufacturers is obvious

at present, the development of the world's advanced packaging machinery has shown a momentum of integrating machinery, electricity, gas, liquid, light, magnetism and production. The high efficiency of production, energy conservation and recyclability of products, practicality of high and new technology and intelligence have become a trend, which should also be the mainstream development direction of China's packaging machinery industry

small and exquisite electronic products represented by detection, preparation and coding devices are developing vigorously in the United States; And the general-purpose packaging machinery mainly including heat shrinkable packaging machine, wrapping machine and sealing machine also accounts for a considerable proportion; The large-scale packaging machinery production lines, mainly including filling machines, labeling machines and capping machines, are basically no longer produced in the United States, and the market is almost occupied by imported equipment, especially the equipment produced by German and Italian manufacturers

the manufacturing level and industrial design level of China's packaging machinery have developed rapidly through imitation, introduction of technology and capital, and global procurement. Today, China's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises can easily obtain some key parts through global procurement, so as to rapidly improve the technical level and reliability of equipment

for some products with low technical content, as shown in Figure 2, many packaging machines produced in China can meet the requirements of the American market, and are most likely to make breakthroughs in the short term. However, the machinery made in China cannot compete with German, Italian and Japanese products in terms of fully automatic packers, labeling machines, sealing machines and robots

through the improvement and optimization of technology, it is just around the corner to realize the localization of high-end packaging equipment. Through the continuous application and promotion of high and new technology, arming and strengthening the overall level of the industry, China will also continue to move towards the direction of the world packaging center

the national development and Reform Commission recently announced the economic operation of the food industry in 2013. In 2013, the production and sales of China's food industry increased steadily, the scale of benefits continued to expand, the consumption structure continued to upgrade, the price increase remained stable, and the overall development remained stable

the situation of the food industry is good, and the brand awareness is indispensable for the export of food machinery

according to customs statistics, China's total import and export of food in 2013 was US $153.16 billion, an increase of 8.1% year-on-year, 4.4 percentage points lower than the previous year. Among them, the export was 57.95 billion US dollars, an increase of 6.8%; Imports reached 95.21 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.9%. The United States, ASEAN and Brazil are China's three major trading partners in food import and export. Among them, the annual total import and export value of the United States was 26.27 billion US dollars, accounting for 17.1% of China's total food import and export value in the same period; The import and export volume of ASEAN was 24.78 billion US dollars, accounting for 16.1%; Brazil's import and export volume reached 22.88 billion US dollars, accounting for 14.9%

on the whole, the growth of the food industry in 2013 was good, but the production and operation of some industries fell, and the task of promoting industrial upgrading and eliminating backward production capacity is still heavy. In 2014, the continuous promotion of agricultural modernization and urbanization will provide better basic guarantee and market space for the development of the food industry. It is expected that the product structure of the food industry will be further optimized and the quality of industrial development will be further improved

the export potential of China's food machinery is huge in the future

industry analysts pointed out that in the future, the demand for food processing and packaging machinery in ASEAN countries will further increase. By 2015, the total output value of China's food processing and packaging machinery industry is expected to exceed 600billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 16%. It can be seen that China's food machinery export potential is huge in the future

industry analysts pointed out that China's food processing and packaging machinery products have unique advantages such as low transportation cost, fast delivery, reliable quality, stable performance, simple operation, reasonable price, and applicable technology. Therefore, it is favored by foreign countries, especially Southeast Asian countries, and Chinese enterprises have also accelerated the pace of entering Southeast Asia

the food industry in Southeast Asian countries is developing rapidly, so the demand for food machinery is also growing steadily. Taking Thailand as an example, the food industry is the most important driving force of the Thai economy. In 2011, the total income of the Thai food industry reached US $32billion, making it the largest food exporter in the Asia Pacific region and the seventh largest food exporter in the world. The emerging investment in the food processing industry has further improved the overall value of Thai agriculture in the national economy. In addition, Vietnam's food processing market is growing at an annual rate of 20% to 40%. The development of the food industry in these countries has laid the foundation for China's machinery to go global

China's food machinery industry also has many advantages in exporting to Southeast Asian countries. First of all, with the establishment of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area, Chinese food processing and packaging machinery enterprises exporting to ASEAN can enjoy the zero tariff policy, which greatly reduces the export cost, brings good profits to Chinese enterprises, and can also compete with other countries' products at a lower price in the same period. Secondly, in recent years, the volume of food import and export trade between the two sides has increased year by year. The level of food processing industry in many Southeast Asian countries is backward, and the import of food processing and packaging machinery is increasing. Third, our products are cost-effective, and due to natural geographical advantages, after-sales service can be guaranteed, which has also been recognized by these countries

China's food machinery industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with a significant increase in sales, products and technology. China's food machinery enterprises are no longer satisfied with the domestic market. With the growing foreign food processing market and the increasing demand of customers, China's food machinery has also set its sights on the foreign market

food machinery can't improve brand awareness without networking

the market of food machinery is very broad, but due to its low popularity, the production volume can't go up. Brand awareness is a kind of business philosophy. The leading brand awareness of food machinery makes enterprises always in the forefront of the market in the competition

marketing is simply to obtain users through micro profit making and word-of-mouth communication in the circle of friends. At the same time, it constantly realizes interaction with users through feedback and holiday care. The quality of such users Jinan Shijin, as a manufacturer of experimental machines and such instruments, is also committed to being able to make the center line of the upper and lower collets coaxial with the afterburner axis of the experimental machine, resulting in a high degree of breakthrough in many dilemmas

food machinery enterprises also began to pay attention to the influence of this new marketing platform. Nowadays, many public platforms for food machinery have made a strong landing, creating a booming new market for food machinery, serving users in real time and dynamically, and helping customers solve problems encountered in operation quickly and conveniently

when the furniture industry develops to a certain scale, it will encounter ceiling

at present, the gross profit of furniture and hardware industry is about 20% - 30%, and the net profit is generally about 5%. The profit of processing on behalf of others is even less, and 15% of the gross profit has been capped

many large furniture factories in Shunde will choose a diversified development mode after achieving a certain scale. For example, if the funds flow into steel, we should check whether the power supply is normal, cloth, real estate, credit and other fields, and the furniture industry will account for less and less of the whole company

the per capita consumption of furniture in China is far from reaching the level of developed countries in Europe and the United States, and the market still has a lot of room for development. In the future, the competition in the furniture market will no longer be the competition of pure manufacturing capacity, but will involve product research and development, marketing, brand, communication, management and other aspects. The industrial chain of Foshan furniture industry cluster is relatively perfect, and the circulation allocation efficiency is high. However, the overall level is many but not strong. To fundamentally reverse the decline, we should focus on developing brand strategy and cultivating influential big brands, so as to speed up the industrial upgrading of the whole region

it is also a good way to share risks through the development of multiple channels. Generally speaking, the multi-channel mode mainly includes: domestic + foreign, Direct stores + dealers, private brand production +oem, etc

what we do is mainly a dual channel development model of domestic + foreign. In recent years, the brand not only increases the national layout, but also takes into account the development of foreign markets. We have always emphasized the international perspective of product design. Every year, in the days after the exhibition in March and September, more foreigners than Chinese come to the exhibition. The annual sales of the brand is about 200million yuan, of which foreign sales account for three quarters of the total sales

multi-directional development channels can effectively share risks. After this round of industry reshuffle, the threshold of the furniture industry will be raised and the development will be more standardized. Enterprises with strength and advanced ideas will get more market opportunities

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