It is imperative to improve the packaging of the h

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It is imperative to improve the packaging of agricultural and sideline products

with the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption concept of agricultural and sideline products. The main utilization fields of building plastics are plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plastic floors and other aspects, which have changed from quantitative type to quality type. It requires not only pure taste, but also beauty and low cost. Therefore, some agricultural and sideline products with exquisite packaging, strange appearance and good quality are increasingly favored by the market, while those simple and low-grade agricultural products realize the functions of real-time uploading of collected data and real-time issuing of control instructions. This consumption trend means that it is imperative to improve the packaging of agricultural and sideline products. Under this trend, improving the packaging of agricultural and sideline products has become one of the important ways to improve the grade of agricultural and sideline products, expand the sales market and improve the economic benefits of enterprises

insiders pointed out that to improve the packaging of agricultural and sideline products, we must fully consider the characteristics of agricultural and sideline products, the characteristics of the sales market, consumers' consumption psychology and other factors in terms of material selection and packaging design, so as to make the perfect combination of packaging and products and achieve the purpose of promoting sales

fruit packaging

at present, domestic fruit packaging is still in its infancy. Many fruits are not packed at all during the peak season, and are sold on the roadside, or packed in traditional bamboo baskets and plastic woven bags, dozens of kilograms a piece, not to mention packaging design and brand publicity. However, with the development of the market economy, some fruit dealers also began to realize the value of packaging. Smart fruit stall owners selected several kinds of fruits and put them in a refined small basket, covered with colored and transparent plastic film, and pasted with plastic flowers, the value can be doubled, and the business is booming. Last year, several fruit farmers in the southwest gate town of Dangshan, Anhui Province invented a "bottle" of crisp pears, which are pollution-free and full of sugar. After entering the supermarket, they sold 20-25 yuan per kilogram, which greatly increased the value of the products. Some experts believe that there is still a big article to do in fruit packaging. For example, there is a kind of fragrant pomelo in a certain place in Hunan, which is of good variety and quality, but because of its thick skin, remote origin and high transportation costs. If you peel the pomelo locally, divide it into pieces, and use plastic composite film vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packaging, it can not only keep the pomelo fresh, but also reduce the weight and save transportation costs. More importantly, it improves the product grade and increases the income of fruit farmers, which plays a positive role in promoting the industrialization, branding and expanding the sales market of local pomelo

vegetable packaging

with the rise of the clean vegetable market, the history of vegetables in China has ended without packaging. Experts believe that in order to comprehensively improve the economic benefits of vegetable planting, we must start with packaging. First of all, vegetables should be packed during transportation to prevent damage to vegetables during transportation. This kind of package should be simple, can effectively prevent extrusion, and can be reused with low cost. Secondly, clean vegetable processing is carried out in vegetable planting bases, and advanced technology is used for packaging to realize industrialization, so that vegetable sales are gradually transformed from market markets to supermarkets

rice packaging

traditionally, rice packaging is mainly made of gunny bags and plastic woven bags, ranging from 15 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg each. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the trend of high-quality rice consumption is obvious, and the traditional packaging can no longer meet the market demand. To this end, relevant enterprises have developed plastic composite rice packaging bags, which are connected to a 3-phase 4-wire power supply with a Shun (4) experimental machine, so the cleaning after each use is very critical to the consumption trend of high-quality and compact packaging. This kind of packaging bag is printed with exquisite patterns, words, trademarks and bar codes to attract customers and promote sales. Moreover, vacuum can be pumped during packaging to extend the shelf life of high-quality rice, which is moisture-proof, mildew proof and moth proof, and the effect is very ideal

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