It is imperative to renovate the coating industry

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Macro policy: it is imperative to renovate the coating industry

macro policy: it is imperative to renovate the coating industry

July 15, 2014

[China coating information] with the improvement of environmental protection awareness, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. As one of the main sources of air pollution, paint has been pushed to the forefront of controversy for many times, and the disadvantages of traditional paint have been exposed undoubtedly. At a time when the traditional paint has been questioned, if the springs installed on the cars of many environmental protection paints have not been strictly tested, the materials rush into people's sight. Under the requirements of the two oriented society, the integration and upgrading of the traditional paint has been forced by its non-toxic properties, which is the general trend

in 2013, the state issued the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution, which is known as "the quality of the most important products in history and strict pollution control measures", and paint was listed as one of the key targets for remediation. According to China wood industry, the paint consumption tax policy will also be introduced, putting pressure on the average% profit level of the traditional paint industry. Under the pressure of environmental protection, traditional paint is being pressed step by step

while cracking down on traditional paints, the state is directly or indirectly supporting new environmentally friendly coatings. At present, the state has formulated a number of national standards, such as GB "limits of harmful substances in interior wall coatings of interior decoration materials", GB "limits of harmful substances in waterborne wood coatings of interior decoration materials". The introduction of national environmental protection policies is an effective support for the entry of Waterborne Paints into the market, and promotes and ensures the healthy development of the waterborne paint industry, which maintains a good trend in exports

the state has made some moves in the renovation of the coating industry, and some cities have followed suit and issued limited standards for coatings. Shenzhen is a leading city. It is reported that the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Technical specification "harmful substances in building decoration coatings and adhesives (Exposure Draft)" led by the Shenzhen Municipal Human Settlements and Environment Commission and drafted by the Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and quality testing has been completed, and the public consultation has been completed on May 23

the introduction of the limit of harmful substances in coatings is based on the mayor's instructions on strengthening the prevention and control of air pollution, improving the air quality in Shenzhen and further strengthening the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds. The "limit of harmful substances in architectural decoration coatings and adhesives" regulates the terms and definitions, technical requirements, inspection methods, judgment rules, package packaging and identification of architectural decoration coatings and adhesives

the limit requirements of harmful substances are used to regulate the coatings and adhesives used in construction projects in Shenzhen, including exterior wall coatings, wood coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, waterproof coatings, floor coatings, putty and various adhesives. Detailed and strict requirements are made for the limit of VOC and other harmful substances of architectural coatings and adhesives

the limit requirements for harmful substances issued by Shenzhen further implement the national norms for coatings. Under the guidance of the state and the leadership of leading cities, the domestic coating industry will surely develop in the healthy direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, and the treatment of environmental pollution is just around the corner

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