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China's packaging machinery is very competitive in the global market

it can complete cutting, shearing, compression resistance, Brinell hardness, wood hardness, bending resistance, modulus of elasticity, rounds per cm of wood. Mr. Andrew Manley, chairman of the international packaging machinery alliance, said that China has made great progress since its accession to the WTO. The level of China's packaging machinery has improved very fast, and the gap with the world's advanced level has gradually narrowed. He believes that with the increasing opening up of China, China's packaging machinery will further open the international market, so he will further encourage European enterprises to come to China for cooperation rather than just sales

Mr. Manley said that 20 years ago, when the packaging machinery in Taiwan, China had just entered the international market, the level was far from that of European machinery, where computer and network technology were the representatives of modern technology. However, the smart Chinese quickly caught up; At present, China's packaging machinery is completely comparable with European products in terms of product quality, production speed and automatic control. The development speed of packaging machinery in mainland China is even more amazing. At present, China's packaging machinery is very competitive in the global market

Manley proposed that the cooperation between European enterprises and Chinese enterprises is very necessary. Especially in some high-end core technologies. After these experiments, it is very easy to loosen the domain, and Chinese enterprises need a relatively long time to overcome technical difficulties. The high-end packaging technology of some countries such as Germany and Italy is not easy to learn and realize even between them. As the president of the international packaging machinery alliance, he hopes to promote the technical and economic exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign packaging machinery enterprises

as for the question of what obstacles China's packaging machinery needs to overcome to enter the international market, Mr. Manley replied that Chinese packaging machinery manufacturers should often investigate and understand the design characteristics of foreign machinery in terms of structure and configuration, especially in terms of product safety

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