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China's packaging machinery still has problems such as lack of technology

the materials targeted by particle packaging machines are small particle products, but some powder products can also be adapted by particle packaging machines. Therefore, in terms of material adaptation, particle packaging machines are not special packaging machines for particle goods, so this aspect has brought great convenience to many enterprises. In addition, with the help of the market, the packaging strength of the particle packaging machine has also improved a lot, becoming the mainstay of the packaging industry

with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical machinery industry in recent years, the particle packaging machine, as an important equipment in the pharmaceutical oil delivery valve noisy packaging machinery, has also developed at an amazing speed. However, the rapid development has also brought chaos to the market. In this case, balanced development is crucial

thanks to the balanced development of the market, the particle packaging machine has also achieved a balanced development. Everyone restricts and encourages each other to build a solid fence. In recent years, because the packaging market where the particle packaging machine is located has been better developed, there are many more packaging equipment in the market, both in quantity and type. The particle packaging machine is one of them, and it is a powerful packaging equipment

while the packaging market and packaging industry are developing, there are also other hidden dangers. * the big problem is the balanced development of commodities, but now this problem has been solved. The packaging market uses various differences between commodities to check and balance different equipment, so as to achieve a balanced development state

with the support of this balanced state, the overall strength of the particle packaging machine has also improved very fast. The technological innovation is no longer * after that, with the help of the market, the packaging strength of the particle packaging machine has also improved a lot, becoming the mainstay of the packaging industry

in recent years, the development of particle packaging machines has also been very rapid. The major embodiment of * is the increase in the types of particle packaging machines and the excellent packaging performance, which are the reliable guarantee of particle packaging machines, and encourage and drive the rapid development of particle packaging machines by Dr. Luan Daqi, director of high-performance polymer innovation management in the Asia Pacific region of Evonik Degussa. Due to the balanced constraints, the development path of particle packaging machine is relatively calm. I believe that in the future, particle packaging machine will become a powerful packaging equipment

the automation function of particle packaging machine. For large enterprises, full automation can improve the production speed of enterprises, thereby increasing the production volume of enterprises. Therefore, full-automatic particle packaging machine meets the needs of large enterprises to a large extent, but for small enterprises, full automation also saves a lot of manpower for enterprises, because full-automatic particle packaging machine only requires a few manual operations, There is no need for manual participation in the production process, so the full-automatic particle packaging machine is universal in large and small enterprises

since the 16th century, the rapid development of industrial production, especially the European industrial revolution in the 19th century, has greatly promoted the development of the packaging industry, thus laying the foundation for the emergence and establishment of modern packaging industry and packaging technology

the rapid development of packaging industry plays an increasingly important role in promoting national economic construction and improving the material and cultural life of the people. As an independent industry system, the development of packaging industry has been included in the national economic and social development plan

with the transformation of China's role as a world manufacturing factory, the output of goods in China has increased rapidly, and more production capacity has entered China. China is in the era of industrialization, and is improving industrial efficiency through automation transformation. The same is true of the food packaging machinery industry, which is constantly moving towards automation and intelligence

the overall level of packaging machinery in China lags behind that in developed countries. The fundamental reason is that the key technology is not mastered enough. Therefore, in the future development experience, domestic manufacturers urgently need to improve their own technical level and design concept. In the future, new packaging models with intelligent and automatic functions will gradually replace the tradition and become the mainstream. This is not only an effective way for packaging machinery enterprises to achieve sustainable development, but also their ultimate goal of technological reform

new packaging machinery is often electromechanical equipment, making full use of the new achievements of information products. The designers of some Chinese enterprises are not familiar with electronic products and dare not or will not choose them, which greatly limits the improvement of the level of packaging machinery. For example, many foreign new packaging machines mostly adopt separate transmission, which greatly shortens the transmission chain of the whole machine, greatly simplifies the structure, and greatly improves the working accuracy and speed. One of the key technologies is the synchronization technology of multi motor drive. In fact, it is not difficult to master this technology, but some designers do not understand the development trend of packaging machinery. Another key technology is that a large number of servo drives are used, but the old designers cannot design and select servo mechanisms and their control systems

advanced packaging machinery adopts a large number of new detection systems to ensure the stable and reliable operation of packaging machinery. With the increasing penetration of automation manufacturers into the industry and the development of information technology, more and more designers accept advanced automation technology and use advanced automation products to improve the performance of equipment

relevant experts suggested that only by replacing the traditional mode of blindly introducing and imitating with scientific and technological innovation, close to users and independent research and development as soon as possible, can China's packaging machinery industry and market develop healthily. At the important moment when the industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment, technological upgrading and product upgrading, domestic enterprises need to develop enterprises and enhance competitiveness with a pragmatic attitude through independent innovation and in-depth digestion, in order to become a giant in the packaging machinery industry

with people's increasingly demanding consumption vision, the design of plastic packaging is also changing with each passing day. In recent years, Japan's plastic packaging sample specification industry has developed rapidly. It is estimated that the market demand for soft and hard plastic packaging in Japan will reach 6.9 billion in 2017

when talking about the influencing factors of the development of the plastic packaging industry, people first think of the relationship between market supply and demand, the cost price of raw materials and the market conditions of downstream end products. However, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, cultural taste, especially consumer preferences, is gradually affecting the sales of plastic packaging products

Canadean, an authoritative market research institution, has recently focused on the Japanese plastic packaging industry. Japanese consumers attach great importance to product packaging. They have strict requirements for the shape, color, label and detail design of plastic packaging of products. Therefore, those plastic packaging with flawless appearance can always have a large consumer market in Japan

the report points out that in addition to the relationship between supply and demand, consumer preference is an important factor affecting the trend of Japan's plastic packaging market. Ronanstafford, chief market analyst of Canadean, said that in order to meet the special preferences of Japanese consumers, plastic packaging manufacturers always make a lot of articles on product appearance design. This also explains why the packaging of cosmetics, luxury goods, beverages, beauty and health care products made in Japan always looks so exquisite and high-end

although larger Japanese companies can relocate some or all of their production plants to low-cost production sites, small and medium-sized enterprises have limited resources and no room for operation, so the problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan are more complex. In short, the magic weapon for survival in Japan is the development of new technology

Japan's larger companies in the plastic industry are looking for a broader market abroad, especially in low-cost Asian countries. * * it is China, although some companies try to maintain independence and avoid excessive dependence on China. Injection molding companies that have started production and operation in China are expanding to other Southeast Asian countries. A spokesman for the Japan Plastics Machinery Association (ajpm) said that many Japanese companies would * * Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia or India

at present, Japanese plastic processors and mold manufacturers still face some so-called intangible obstacles, such as the continuous appreciation of the yen against the US dollar and fierce competition from suppliers with low production costs and labor costs. These factors result in the price of Japanese products being much higher than that of competitive suppliers. However, Japanese companies rely on high value-added products and services supported by innovation and technology to ensure their position in the international market. At the same time, Japanese suppliers are also actively exploring the international market

at present, the popular packaging in the market is mainly plastic and paper, and the plastic blowing industry, mainly plastic film blowing machine, accounts for a large proportion in the market. However, with the increasingly strict requirements for the paper industry, the new indicators of environmental protection and energy conservation have raised the threshold of the paper industry, resulting in the expansion of the market cost of paper packaging and the rise of prices. This makes the share of plastic packaging in the market increase correspondingly, and stimulates the development of film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry

twelve compulsory national standards for rubber and plastic machinery in China have been formulated. In recent years, people have increasingly realized through research that the development of machinery manufacturing industry can not only bring economic prosperity, but also bring high incidence of injury accidents. How to ensure production safety, including the personal safety of operators and the use safety of equipment, has been a major topic of concern in the process of China's industrial development in recent years

paper packaging cost expansion: plastic machinery took advantage of the weakness to enter the rubber and plastic equipment manufacturing industry, which is a late start but fast-growing industry in China's entire machinery industry. Since entering the 21st century, the proportion of rubber and plastic machinery manufacturing industry in China's machinery industry and even the national economy has increased year by year, with rapid growth in production, sales, export trade and benefits. As far as rubber and plastic machinery products are concerned, if we want to implement the safety engineering principle of prevention in the whole life cycle from product design, manufacturing to use and maintenance, we must deal with the relationship between equipment safety and safety production management. That is, the technical director of the old experimental machine factory for many years must start with the standard and formulate the safety standard of the product. The research on the safety of rubber and plastic machinery in China and the formulation of standards have been put on the agenda during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period

due to the technical weakness, most of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery are mainly engaged in price war to attract foreign investors in the world. With the increasing requirements of demanders, * * grid is not the focus they pursue. Under the background of fierce competition, domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery should shift the price focus to technology, and improving technology is the king

according to the survey and statistics of China Machinery Industry Federation, China's packaging machinery industry still maintains an annual growth of about 16%, because the packaging industry, as a supporting industry in many areas of the national economy, is an industry that promotes consumption and highlights value. Its technological progress and matching services can have a profound impact on other industries

China's packaging machinery products are facing fierce international competition due to few varieties, low technical level, poor product reliability and other reasons. In the previous development path, domestic packaging machinery was indeed popular because of its low price. However, with the improvement of industry requirements, the requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises for packaging machinery are gradually diversified, and the price can no longer become a competitive advantage

in the face of this situation, domestic drugs

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