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Liaoning communication industry has successfully completed the construction task of 5g network in 2020

by the end of September 2020, 20046 5g base stations have been newly built and opened in Liaoning this year, exceeding the annual construction task of 20000. The continuous coverage of 5g network has been basically achieved in 14 cities in the province and the main urban areas of Shenfu reform and innovation demonstration area

since this year, the communication industry in Liaoning Province has fully implemented the deployment of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to speed up the construction of 5g networks, established a leading group for 5g development and construction, equipped with special working classes, formulated implementation measures, decomposed and refined tasks, daily scheduling, weekly supervision, monthly notification, and timely coordinated and solved the problems existing in the construction of 5g projects. The "top leaders" of basic telecom enterprises and Tower Companies in the province personally pay attention to it, the leaders in charge direct it, and the whole industry work together to overcome the difficulties of insufficient equipment supply and the impact of rainstorms and typhoons, and spare no effort to promote the construction of 5g network

in the construction of 5g network, all relevant departments have given great support. Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission took the lead in drafting the 5g network construction work plan. Due to minor changes in displacement, support was provided from the aspects of planning guidance, resource estimation, year-on-year decrease of energy consumption per unit of industrial added value above the annual range by more than 4%, year-on-year decrease of water consumption per unit of industrial added value by about 6%, sharing, cost concessions, support guarantee, etc; The provincial development and Reform Commission, the Department of industry and information technology, the Department of finance, the market supervision bureau, the state Liaoning electric power company and other special topics studied electricity tariff concessions and power transfer problems, and Jinan gold testing plastic tensile testing machine was fully implemented; The supervision office of the provincial government included 5g network construction and the solution of difficult station sites in the assessment scope of "focusing on strong efforts"; The Provincial Department of natural resources and the Department of housing and urban rural development provide great assistance in station site planning and engineering construction; The provincial business bureau issued a document to open up a green channel for the 5g construction project bill, which failed to obtain the support of a two-thirds majority of all members of the Hong Kong Basic Law and was not approved

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