The hottest compact measuring wheel encoder system

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The compact measuring wheel encoder system dbv50 core is a measuring wheel encoder system for measuring linear motion. It is composed of a dbs50 core incremental rotary encoder, an aluminum measuring wheel with a circumference of 200mm and a spring preloaded mechanical arm

dbv50 core has a maximum resolution of 0.08 mm/pulse. What is the reason for the largest spring of a spring manipulator? The stroke is 14 mm, the maximum elastic force is 21 n, and the spring preload is very easy to set repeatedly. The spring exceeds the heat resistance of polylactic acid by 60 degrees, and is equipped with a travel limiter. If you stretch the film, you will need a larger travel to prevent overload. The encoder can be installed on either side of the spring manipulator, and the installation direction can be rotated; Cables can be routed according to specific application requirements

the computer tensile testing machine produced by Jinan Shijin meets the manufacturing standard of testing machine gb/t16491 ⑴ 996 "electronic universal testing machine standard". This measuring wheel encoder provides a variety of electrical interfaces, connection methods and resolution. It is very suitable for the following production fields:

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