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Sneng can then change these coordinate lubricants: prepare for the horse, Liangjian construction machinery guaranteed market

sneng lubricants: prepare for the horse, Liangjian construction machinery guaranteed market

China Construction machinery information

-- an exclusive interview with Mr. Chen Yufeng, deputy general manager of marketing company of sneng Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

in the past two years, with the steady recovery of the global economy, the construction machinery industry has ushered in a golden growth period, Since then, the market has also become a small tool field for enterprises to compete and maintain tightness. In mature markets such as the United States and Japan, construction machinery enterprises pay more attention to the development of post market services (including warranty services, parts supply, overhaul and secondary equipment business), and the domestic market tends to sell complete machines. This trend makes more enterprises and brands begin to pay attention to the insured market. As a high-end manufacturer of lubricating oil products for construction machinery, this year, Si Neng lubricating oil also extended its market development tentacles to the "guaranteed market"

for lubricant sales, lubricant brands used to only face machine manufacturers, and entering the warranty market means that they need to communicate with thousands of end customers. For the warranty market, end users usually choose to provide maintenance and repair services by the whole machine manufacturer within the warranty period. Taking the warranty period as the critical point, the penetration rate of manufacturers in the post market gradually decreases with the growth of the service life of the equipment. So, at a time when China's construction machinery is ushering in a "golden period of development", how will suneng break this global market pattern that only German enterprises can achieve, and seize the "new cheese" of the bonded foreign market? At BICES 2019, Mr. Chen Yufeng, deputy general manager of marketing company of China Construction Machinery Information () dialogue Company Limited, analyzed the unique "secret collection" of the company to enter the construction machinery warranty market with ultra-high quality "domestic goods" from multiple perspectives

Mr. Chen Yufeng, deputy general manager of marketing company of sneng Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

group photo of Mr. Chen Yufeng, deputy general manager of marketing company of sneng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and China lubricating oil information

win the war in the era of stock, and fight in the guaranteed market

BICES 2019. Sneng brought a number of heavy new products such as hydraulic oil, diesel oil, hydraulic transmission oil, gear oil, etc. to the market, Let the audience from all over the world appreciate the hard core charm of "specially designed for construction machinery". Mr. Chen said that the special oil for construction machinery of "the world's great demon" launched by the company in BICES 2019 is deeply favored by users with its leading performance of "longer oil change cycle, stronger extreme pressure and wear resistance, more filtration and cleaning" and new standards that exceed the industry. "Exclusive liquid technology, fearless of the heavy burden", the world's great demon series products are specially tailored for construction machinery, from the power system, transmission system, hydraulic system to create a comprehensive system lubrication solution for construction machinery

"as a historical supplier of special oil products for construction machinery, from this year, relying on innovative products and value services, the company has officially laid out the bonded market." President Chen said that in the future, the company will provide partners with more professional warranty services, not only as a supplier of lubricating oil products, but also committed to becoming a high-quality technical service provider

from the traditional sales behavior, suppliers are passive marketing, focusing on products, while service providers are active marketing, paying more attention to customers and customer relations. In the field of engineering machinery lubrication, with years of experience in focusing on independent technology research and development and industry supporting, SINENG has an absolute say. Nowadays, the transformation from a supplier to a service provider is the "best solution" for the company to cope with the new changes and situations in the industry with its own leading products and services, which further demonstrates its full sincerity for China's construction machinery industry in the process of transformation and upgrading

at present, China's construction machinery industry has shifted from the incremental market to the stock market. Data show that by the end of 2018, the number of major construction machinery products in China was close to 8million. As a leading enterprise in the industry, the company has long been aware of the huge post market potential. President Chen said that as a comprehensive lubricant production enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service, with its excellent R & D and manufacturing strength, the company has continued to make efforts in the field of after-sales maintenance of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and construction machinery, and its market share has increased rapidly in just a few years. Relying on two technology R & D centers and lubricating oil engineering technology research centers located in Liuzhou, Guangxi and Liyang, Jiangsu, which have been certified by the National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment of China, SNL lubricating oil keeps up with the market trend and continuously exports innovative lubrication solutions to the industry; In addition, Si Neng has not only established its own strong team of technical engineers to meet the needs of customers, help partners develop the warranty market, but also maintain close contact with the world's top upstream and downstream lubricant suppliers. "For example, Si Neng is the largest direct supply partner of South Korea S-oil (Shuanglong), a world-renowned base oil supplier, in China. At the same time, it has also established a comprehensive strategic cooperation with yafuton and Lubrizol, the world's leading additives enterprises, to carry out in-depth cooperation in product design, research and development, formula test and sales, so as to improve Si Neng's innovation ability and market competitiveness."

in Mr. Chen's view, the potential of China's post construction machinery market is unlimited. "We can see that the future trend is new energy and intelligence. The quality of 'made in China' is getting better and better, which largely replaces imports and reduces costs. Its market effect has attracted a large number of insured customers." President Chen pointed out that as a supplier or service provider, whether in the domestic or foreign markets, we should be backed by strong technology research and development. The company can actively lay out the online and offline service network, keep pace with the times, and comprehensively help customers solve difficult points at the first time with customized lubrication solutions

pulse the future of the industry, track upgrading and focus on terminals

"from the past, this year is the worst year in the past decade. From the future, this year is probably the best year in the next decade." Talking about the general market environment this year, Mr. Chen was quite touched. He said that as China's economy entered a period of stable adjustment, although the market for complete construction machinery has increased significantly, the competition has also become more intense. For the "prepared" company, maintaining close cooperation with channel providers and end customers is the best way for it to become a strong force in China's construction machinery lubrication market

2019, with its leading strength, the special oil for construction machinery of "the great demon king of the world" has rapidly "won the approval and support of many dealers throughout the country, and there has been a grand occasion for dealers everywhere to compete for the agency power that has not been seen for many years. "I believe that in the next 3 to 5 years, the company will usher in its own period of rapid development."

President Chen stressed that Si Neng will also deepen its strategic cooperation with existing brand manufacturers and customers, and gradually take over its warranty services, "Nowadays, including the heavy truck, passenger car and commercial vehicle markets, China's market capacity is too large, and small and medium-sized brands still occupy an important market share! Many complete machine manufacturers pay more attention to the warranty service, and do not pay much attention to the warranty service. Si Neng will export professional service teams to help them be more competitive in the after-sales market. The round test pieces will generally be tested in the V-shaped groove. I believe that in the future, China's lubricant market will be one with China's home appliance market Like, it is the world of Chinese brands. We are more focused on the development of the after-sales market, and we believe that our company has great potential in the Chinese market. "

at present, with the more complex oil used in mechanical equipment, end customers need not only high-quality products, but also higher requirements for timely and effective on-site services. Mr. Chen said that in this regard, on the one hand, the company can continuously improve its organizational structure and operation management system, improve its more efficient service capacity, and officially launched the "strategic plan for sieneng 2025" this year. "In terms of operation management, the requirements are higher, such as reaching the promise of arrival within 48 hours." President Chen said that since the 18th CPC National Congress, the "the Belt and Road" Cooperation Initiative has expanded China's international influence, and the concept of high-quality development has made China's economic structure more reasonable. "Taking advantage of the spring breeze of the 'the Belt and Road', the company actively 'goes out'. By fully sponsoring the national the Belt and Road scientific research and exploration trip, witnessing and participating in the smooth closure of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, assisting the Liugong crane Antarctic scientific research project, etc., the company has continuously verified the excellent product performance and service value of the company's lubricant in practice. At the same time, it has worked with many Chinese enterprises and local customers to provide ultra-high cost performance products Products and services beyond value will escort the international road of 'great power and heavy equipment', and work together to enhance the influence of Chinese brands in the world market! "

on the other hand, the new situation has put forward new requirements for industry talents. In such a new historical opportunity period, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises will encounter more new situations, new problems, and more challenging. The key to how enterprises deal with new challenges, solve new problems, and innovate their advantages lies in talent construction. President Chen said that in terms of talent reserves, the company can continuously increase investment, so that those who can do things have opportunities and those who can do things have a stage. "At present, we are still expanding our talent team, continuously strengthening the systematic training of 'reserve forces' and constantly optimizing the organizational structure to achieve the lean and efficient talent team." Mr. Chen said that in addition to the strengthening of the internal talent team, the company is attracting more sales elites. They not only understand sales, products, but also machinery and equipment. Through full cooperation with brand dealers, they continue to export cutting-edge distribution management concepts, and jointly develop the market in a way closer to the front line of the market. "We also expect more people with lofty ideals to join our big family and work together to realize the new leap and development of the enterprise!"

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