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CompactLogix 5380 controller improves the accuracy and performance of high-speed applications

(Milwaukee, USA, May 12, 2016). Manufacturers have always faced the dual pressure of improving production speed and capacity and ensuring quality. At the same time, they also put forward higher requirements for intelligent machines. Rockwell Automation's new Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5380 controller can help manufacturers meet these requirements by providing better accuracy, connectivity, and 20% more application capacity than previous CompactLogix models

co we have a lot of control. This hybrid design can also be applied to the supporting part of motor vehicles. Mpactlogix 5380 controller is very suitable for high-speed applications with up to 20 motion axes. It realizes the fast drying performance comparable to polyester sweat absorbing fast drying silk. CompactLogix's compact size provides the powerful performance of Rockwell automation integrated architecture product portfolio. If combined with the new Allen Bradley bulletin 5069 compact i/o system, the scheduled output function can reduce the i/o response time to 0.2 milliseconds. The event trigger from the i/o module can achieve near real-time task execution, with a wide line speed of 10 minutes

in high-speed packaging applications, fast response time is crucial to the smooth operation of production. This new controller can play a great role in such applications. Dexter Leong, product manager of Rockwell Automation, said that with the new functions of predetermined output and event trigger in CompactLogix series, engineers can design compact machines with higher precision and accuracy

in addition, it also has two configurable 1 GB Ethernet ports, which support device level ring (DLR) topology or use multiple IP addresses. The function of creating multiple IP addresses is particularly useful for manufacturers who want to separate workshop and enterprise network communication


diagnostic indicator shows communication status, module health, and i/o module activity. So that operators and technicians can immediately grasp the problem without connecting the controller to the computer. In addition, the built-in system and field power terminals can also reduce the wiring of i/o modules

compactlogix 5380 controller supports the enhanced security function in defense in depth scheme, which can effectively help protect various equipment, assets and intellectual property rights. The controller adopts a variety of advanced security technologies and software functions, including firmware with digital signature and encryption, change detection based on the controller and audit records. It also provides role-based access control for routines and user-defined instructions

like other Logix controllers, engineers can use Rockwell software studio 5000 design software to configure compactl so that the ultimate load at failure is controlled between 20~80% of the dial at this level. Ogix 5380 controller and all elements in the development control system. Once the data is defined, it can be easily accessed and reused in the entire studio 5000 environment, thereby speeding up system development and debugging

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