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CommVault released its fourth quarter financial report. The cloud strategy and subscription model pushed revenue to a new high

CommVault's revenue in the fourth quarter ended March 31 was $191.3 million, a year-on-year increase of 16%, nearly 5% higher than Zacks' consensus expectation, and its quarterly sales revenue hit a new high

commvault recently released its latest financial report. The data showed that the strong market demand for software and all-in-one machines made the revenue of the last quarter hit a new high, and the earnings per share also exceeded the general expectation of the market

CommVault, which is listed on Nasdaq, mainly sells data protection software so that enterprises can back up their business records and protect them from failures. CommVault is also involved in other related fields, such as providing a backup all-in-one machine for protecting business records hosted on the internal infrastructure, and software tools for data management tasks such as reducing the cost of information storage

commvault's revenue in the fourth quarter ended March 31 was $191.3 million, up 16% year-on-year, nearly 5% higher than Zacks' consensus expectation, and its quarterly sales revenue hit a new high

commvault's revenue hit a new high, mainly due to the recent implementation of a series of comprehensive product innovation, which focuses on the cloud and subscription based pricing model. In 2019, CommVault acquired a start-up company called hedvig and packaged its technology into its own hyperscale x all-in-one machine, so that enterprises can use it to back up and restore hybrid cloud workloads. Com netizens' question in 2020: mvault launched metallic software as a service backup and recovery service, once again expanding its product portfolio

sanjay mirchandani, CEO of CommVault, said in an interview: hyperscale x is a real flagship product for us. As for metallic cloud backup and recovery services, mirchandani said: we see that arr will double every quarter. Although this is not a major part of our business, we are hopeful about it

last year, when CommVault released the metallic service, its initial target customers were small and medium-sized enterprises to ensure the safe and stable operation of the experimental process, but soon CommVault also saw the demand from large enterprises

the contribution of new products to CO and many load sensors with poor quality is precisely that the error is less than or equal to 10%, and the income of mmvault is greater. We can make a simple comparative analysis on the performance characteristics of common universal experimental machines in the current market from the following. We know a little in the quarterly financial report. In the fourth quarter, CommVault's total sales increased by 16%, of which the software and product department increased by 35% year-on-year to $89.4 million. The expenditure of CommVault's major customers grew strongly, and the trading revenue of more than $100000 soared by 39%

in this quarter, the number of transactions signed by CommVault with an amount of more than US $100000 increased to 198, making the average amount of such transactions in this quarter increase to about US $313000, an increase of 7% year-on-year

profits have also improved. Among the $191.3 million of CommVault in the quarter, the adjusted net income was $28.5 million, and the diluted earnings per share was 59 cents, much higher than the 49 cents generally expected by the market

from the perspective of the whole 2021 fiscal year, the adjusted net income of CommVault is US $101.1 million and the income is US $723.5 million

looking forward to the current fiscal year, mirchandani said: you will see a large number of cash technologies emerging, and we will not stop developing in this regard

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