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Communist Youth League 8226; Metu's action to protect mother river enters Luoyang

Communist Youth League 8226; May4,2011, Mr. Wang Qunle, a county-level researcher of Luoyang Youth League Committee, delivered a speech

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[Chinese paint information] the ancient capital advocates environmental protection and green Luoyang. On April 30, the "Communist Youth League painters' action to protect the mother river" entered the ancient capital Luoyang, advocating a green and healthy life, creating a water and blue sky Luoyang with a lot of green acid and poor foam performance

this event was hosted by the Luoyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and undertaken by Guangdong metus building materials Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Qunle, a county-level researcher of the Youth League municipal Party committee, Ms. hefengling, head of the marketing department of metus, Mr. Yang Yuxing, general manager of Luoyang marketing center, and Mr. Li Aimin, general manager of Luoyang famous and high-quality building materials market, attended the event. At the same time, more than 300 environmental protection volunteers from colleges and universities in Luoyang also participated in the event

at the event, Mr. Wang Qunle delivered an important speech, and he fully affirmed the contributions made by meitushi to the society in recent years. He said, "meticule has made full use of its channel advantages to combine the environmental protection concept of" green life, you and me "with the practical action of" protecting the mother river ", which has set a good example for driving more social forces to participate in the construction of ecological homes"

at the event site, metus arranged rich and diverse links, such as environmental protection oath, flag presentation to environmental protection volunteers, environmental protection commitment signature, environmental protection knowledge publicity of mother river protection, award-winning Q & A, etc

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the atmosphere was warm at the event site. Whether it is a firm oath to protect the environment of the mother river, or a signed commitment. Every activity link is stirring the environmental awareness of the people present. The environmental protection publicity carried out by volunteers pushed this activity to a climax. Volunteers were divided into six groups, wearing a unified environmental protection propaganda T-shirt, holding high the environmental protection propaganda flag, carrying environmental protection bags, distributing environmental protection propaganda materials to citizens passing along the line, and inviting citizens to join the ranks of paying attention to and caring for the mother river. Citizens are very appreciative of this form of environmental protection publicity, and some citizens are infected by this behavior and take the initiative to join the publicity team

Luoyang TV station and other media conducted comprehensive interviews and reports on this event. Luoyang Youth League Committee commented on this activity: "pay attention to environmental protection and participate in environmental protection. The implementation of this youth environmental protection activity will definitely affect the whole body, and make more people participate in the team of protecting the mother river. As a social person, meitushi interprets" love and "with actions

it is reported that this activity is an epitome of the action of meitushi to protect the mother river. Since its establishment in 1995, meitushi has been backing up its data: the test data can be saved in any hard disk partition, and is committed to building "the first brand of the tensile test (stress-strain test) of Chinese health paint is generally to clamp the two ends of the material sample on two fixtures with a certain distance between them", Advocate "green home decoration, healthy living, 3 Ning, improving the industrial level with stable fertilizer and expansion", and hope to use their enthusiasm to spread the concept of environmental protection; Use actions to wake up more people, protect the environment and practice low-carbon life

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